viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Winds Of Genocide - Usurping The Throne of Disease

Year: 2015
Label: Pulverised Records
Country: UK

Last year, chatting with Daniel Hughes (bass player of Winds of Genocide, also plays in Horrified), I asked about this album, and told me that everything was going on wheels. Immediately I told him that "Usurping The Throne of Disease" was to be one of the best albums of 2015. I did not futurology, nor any idiocy like that: simply said what I said because I had this strange feeling telling me that which I forwarded to Daniel. Well, today, and after having heard several times, I can say: the first full album of Winds of Genocide aims to be one of the best albums of the year. The reasons that lead me to think that way are clear just the record begins with the fantastic track called "The Howling Wolves of Armageddon" with the slow intro (Autopsy style) and then blow furiously, which genocidal wind swooping down over us. From there, the sound storm lashes out without mercy, unleashing a Sonic Apocalypse that does not understand of silences or mercy, an infernal chaos caused by 4 musicians committed to what they say, what they are, what they do. Leading this chaos is Kat with her throaty, deep and bestial voice, commanding the attack with shocking growls. The guitars act as flamethrowers, leveraging the strength of the wind to exaggerate spits flames like tongues of fire in the shape of chords, riffs incandescent incinerating everything in its path. A tireless drum, a rhythmic whirlwind of strength and power, and bass, friends, a bass (played by Daniel Hughes) that made and unmade at whim; In other words, the whole band is at a very high level, but what Daniel makes is huge. And the sound? The work of Fred Estby (yes, the Fred Estby we admire in his role as drummer of Dismember and Carnage) as a producer is commendable, gave the key in everything, absolutely everything, because the band sounds like it should sound: as a bloodthirsty beast unleashing their fury. I do not forget the mastering by Jack Control, lead singer of World Burns To Death, I do not forget the great cover by Mark Riddick. No, I do not forget any of the details, because each of these details make this album a great record. A devastating record where Crust & Death Metal live and merging into a single thing, including blackers touches here and there that serve to increase the sense of impending devastation that prevails throughout the album. "Usurping The Throne of Disease" crushed, destroyed, leaves nothing standing. And that, my friends, that is what I intend to find in a record with these characteristics. Winds of Genocide? There is no better name for this band.

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