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Interview with Anal Fistfuckers

Since Patrick (owner of the label Splatter Zombie Records) made ​​me listen to this band I've been thinking in interview them. So I did the following: I sent them a review of their second album (which can be found here on the blog), we contacted the guys in the band, and within minutes we agreed to do the interview. The result? Here it is, and I can assure you that the interview went so natural and fun as the music of these madmen.

Puro Ruido: Hello! How's it going in there? It is a pleasure to interview you
Anal Fistfuckers: Thanks a lot bro! It`s alright in shit-city.

PR: Well, the new Anal Fistfuckers album is coming. Already has a title and release date? I already know, but it would be nice to tell us through what label released it, and tell anything you want to tell us about the new album
AFF: Yes, the new full lengh album will release this year in september at „Splatter Zombie Records“. Many thanks to Patrick Manthee for supporting our shit!! It will contain 20 new songs and 2 coverversion from „Gonorrea“ and „Erotic Gore Cunt“. Every songtitle is about scat, scat and scat. The music will be the same like the last release, easy and dirty.

PR: Obliged Question: why decided to create this band? I have very little information, so I'd like to know a little more about the history of the group
AFF: We startet in 2004 with this band. But we can`t play instruments at this time. So we make noise and play some funny gigs. We was total drunken and full of nugat-creme but the people had a lot of fun and pissing on the stage,hahaha. That was one reson to start this band to have much fun. After a little break and with a new gitarrist we recorded a new 10 minutes demo tape called „Scheisse Fressen“. One year later, in 2007, we release our first album “Death Penalty for Rape Victims“. But after this our guitarist leave the band and we had no rehearsal room. That was a big problem and we must do a 2 year break. But after this we find our actual gitarrist and began to make songs for the “Kot für die Welt“.

PR: Kot für die Welt is a fun and twisted record. How was the creative process for this album? It was recorded and released independently, or am I wrong?
AFF: It was very fun to do the songs for this album. We have enough time and no preasure to do this songs and find our music style.

PR: Why decided to use the classification of Low-Budget Scat Grind? For anyone who does not know, what do you mean with that tag?
AFF: I think everyone understand that we make scat grind (all songtitels about scat). We use “Low Budget“ because we make non-technical music, the easiest way of porngrind!

PR: In Facebook's account I saw that in 2015 you are going to Mexico, to do a tour there. How give the possibility of going to this country? Are you excited about the possibility of playing in that country? I notice something: Mexicans are crazy lol
AFF: Yeah! Its a great pleasure to play a Mexico tour in 2015. we love the country, the bands and the people! It will be awesome to see so many mexican bands live!

PR: Speaking about the activity of the band on the stage, are currently on tour? How is it a live show of Anal Fistfuckers? I do not know why I imagine it must be a party!
AFF: This year we only play one more gig in germany. We work on very much new songs. Our full lengh album will released september 2014, but we make songs for three other splits. A 2way split with Pigtails, a 4way split with TxPxF, Gonorrea and Rektal Fetus. This splits will released end of this year i hope. Next year we also a part of a 10way split with only german grind bands. Also this year will another split released with Bizarre Ejaculation, HxMxRxS and Terrorrape. Our songs are ready since last year. I hope it will be released soon. So many songs to do. but back to your question, the people have a lot of fun and dancing much at our live gigs.

PR: Well, you are from Germany, and that brings me to the next question.You can tell what the hell happens in Germany as there are so many crazy and extreme bands?
AFF: Good Question! I think the people who visit a grind concert see that this music the best in the world! Grind makes fun and a good lifestyle.

PR: Let's talk about "Kot für die Welt". The album's sound is raw, really wild. It seems that it was recorded live and in one take! And I love that, I must say. Was intentional to have achieved that sound?
AFF: Yes thats right! We recorded the songs in our rehearsal room. And yes, the most songs we recorded in on take. Only 5 songs we need a second take. We make simple porngrind and i think thats the reason many people like our shit.

PR: Well, let's ending. Besides the new album, the tour of Mexico, what follows in the life of Anal Fistfuckers?
AFF: We watch a lot of horror movies and listen to porn and goregrind. On the weekend we drinking and make party with our friends.

PR: Ok, thank you very much for the interview. And thank you very much for doing extreme music that is really enterteining. Do you want to add something?
AFF: Thank you for the interview and the good questions. I hope you like the many upcoming releases and you can be sure that we always play simple tupa tupa porngrind! We want to thanks all the people who support our Shit!!! Keep Low-Budget Scat Grind alive! Cheers

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