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Interview with Paul Speckmann (Master/Death Strike/Abomination & others)

Sometimes things happen, just happen. I always wanted to interview Paul Speckmann, for obvious reasons: I am a fan of Death Metal, and he is the Father of Death Metal. I wrote to Paul for other reasons and ... Paul gave me the opportunity to interview him. As I said before, sometimes things just happen. And sometimes happen to make you feel really happy. Damn, how I will not feel happy if I can say today that Paul Speckmann has been interviewed by Puro Ruido?

Puro Ruido: Hi Paul, how are you? It is an honor for me to interview the Father of Death Metal! Paul Speckmann: All is fine brother, just getting ready to catch a plane next week and head to South America for some shows. I hope all goes well as we have a new guitarist Marcelo from Brazil playing the gigs with us as Alex is in bed for three months since breaking a bone in his back after the van crashed in the mountains on the tour in The Bulkans, We are all lucky to be alive so this is one thing we are happy about of course. This was a terrifying journey throuigh the Bulkans to say the least!

PR: In January of 2014, Master will play for the first time in Argentina's history. Also will play on other South American countries?PS: Yes Argentina, Chile, Brazil for the third time and Colombia for the second time, the last in 1998. We certainly look forward to the gig in Argentina, hopefully there will be a great response and huge audience, fingers croseed!

PR: While I write the questions, am listening To "The Witchhunt", and cannot stop thinking in how furious sounds your voice, I think about the devastating energy that transmit all the songs. What is it that drives you to create music so aggressive? PS: The world around us is the fuel for the fire. We live in a crazy fucked up world and I try to show this in the songs. Too much control is upon us these days as the governments implement more and more restrictions on the people!

PR: What is the fuel that takes you play something so intense after so many years of career? PS: The energy comes from inside as always. I take my craft very seriously as I always have and the energy from within is displayed on the new album once again.

PR: This year has been very active for you, because not only recorded it and released "The Witchhunt", also recorded an album Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, etc), and if I'm not mistaken, a split with Torture Pulse (along with Rogga, of course). What can you tell us about each and every album you have recorded this year?
PS: There is nothing to tell really, the process is always the same with Master for example. I write songs on an acoustic guitar and record them on my micro-cassette recorder and when the time comes to record, I hope for the best. We spend time trying out the songs at rehearsal and make the necessary changes to improve the songs over time and roll the dice so too speak. This time around the album came out perfectly in my opinion, it's just to bad that many people haven't heard the Witchhunt yet. Hopefully in time more people will discover this masterpiece.
As for the project with Rogga this took some time as he sent 12 songs and lyrics for 9 tracks in no particular order. So this was a definate challenge for yours truly, but in the end I believe I nailed it to the wall. I spent time working out the lyrics and went in the studio and sang two songs at a time. I 4 sessions and 13 hour approximately I was finished and the album was completed!

PR: Paul, let's do a bit of history. You were a member of Solutions, a Dutch group that was classified as Death Metal, but to me, sincerely, it was sounding more like Punk with influences of Extreme Metal. Correct me if I am wrong, but in this band there were playing ex-members of Master, Abomination and Antropomorphia?
PS: No this was Master members and friends from Holland a three piece with some guest appearances from Richard Schouten from Acrostichon and several other Dutch fellas.

PR: What happened to Krabathor? Still in contact with Petr? Decided to focus only on Master and other projects? PS: Krabathor split up in 2004 as Peter moved to the USA to find a job and become a full time American, I stayed in Czech and the rest is history so they say. but for those who are interested, one of the earlier lineups will headline Brutal Assault this year so this will be something to see for sure. This is only a one off gig as Peter has no intention in reforming the band for tours. He's happy living and working in Chicago and that's about it really.

PR: Speaking of Krabathor, I must ask the following: what led you to migrate to the Czech Republic? There were one or more situations that prompted you to move you to that country? PS: It's as simple as this, I joined the band Krabathor and left America just in time when George Bush junior took over and destroyed America. the move was timed perfectly for me!

PR: To the following I say from my ignorance, for I never traveled to USA, much less to Czech Republic (although I would love to). But I must confess that I feel that individual freedoms should be respected and lived very differently in one country and another. And I feel that these differences must be noticed when you arrive at the airport, I don’ t know, New York, or when you arrive at Prague airport. But maybe you can explain me better, because nobody better than you to take away my doubts. PS: Well, being a foreigner as you arrive in Czech you get the stamp on the passport and walk right in with no questions asked. In America you are held for several hours in a room and repeatedly asked why you are here and why you wish to live in America. Every foreigner is given the third degree as all people must be trying to live in the USA!

PR: The American Dream is just that, a dream? It is, is a tool used to keep people absolutely outstanding unnecessary things while THEY are enriched every day more and more, and they obtain every day more and more power? PS: Yes it is a dream or rather a nightmare! Control is the most substantial thing in America. The tell you when to eat, what to eat and when to smile as you're told. Freedom is a thing of the past. This was why I left when an opportunity arose! Many of these Americans don't even realise what's happening there as they have never left their own backyard or the country ever for thaat matter!

PR: Let's talk about Master. What led you to tackle topics as far from the usual clichés in Death Metal? I mean things like Gore, serial murderers, zombies and all that are fun to me, but I find it much more disturbing fear used as a mass control tool, and not hear / read a story about living dead. PS: I have always felt the truth has always been the most important thing in music. I realise that fantasy and fiction sells, but I prefer to read books for this. Music is a tool for me. I like to share my thoughts and feelings in my music and hope someone will read them and strive for change in this forsaken world of poverty and destruction!

PR: Listening to the first albums (and even the demos) of Death, we can find the influence of Master in the music of Death. In fact, I know Terry Butler admitted that in the early years, during their first tour, if I am not wrong. Clarified that i say all this with the greatest respect toward Chuck. But, fuck, don't think that it is time that the press leave aside their whims, and begins to tell the story as it is? PS: No one wants to speak of the truth so I will just survive in the underground as I always have but well knowing the influence Master and Deathstrike had on the evolution of the genre! People always choose what they wish to belive, but I know the truth, I was there I lived it didn't only read about it!

PR: Before Master, you play in a Doom Metal group called War Cry. There was a turning point in your life, a group or an album that pushed you to want to play fast, raw and ultra-aggressive music? What do you remember about the times of War Cry?PS: Yes after hearing the seven-inch from Venom with Live, Like an Angel, Die like a Devil and In League With Satan my life was forever changed. We had great times in Warcry but after they discovered Motley Crue and saw their success, the band changed their platform and began on a downward spiral that would bring them down after I left followed by the singer Rich Rozek!

PR: Ok, Paul, the last question. To what there refers the title of the last album, "The Witchhunt"? It has something to do with the demonization of anyone who opposes the dictates of the Powerful? PS: Yes exactly brother. The US government is on a witch hunt and for anyone who disagrees with their political agenda is doomed to be enslaved. So personally have to watch myself when I go to America for shows and stay low key, because they are watching me as well as millions of others in regard to the internet tapping, phones etc, I am not paranoid at all I just understaand the reality of the witch hunt and since I don't agree with the laws and rules and regulations inmplemented on the society. it makes me a thorn in their side and a dangerous enemy!

PR: Well, that's all. Again, I thank you for your kindness, but, above all, thank you for all the great music you've done, and you keep doing. I consider myself a fan of all the bands you've played, and you still play today. Paul, if you want to add something, do it with absolute freedom PS: Please support Master and other bands by purchasing a physical copy of the CDs, we have to live and eat too!

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