domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Uncoffined - Ritual Death & Funeral Rites

Year: 2013
Label: Memento Mori
Country: UK

Since Kat Shevil (vocals and drums, also lead singer of Winds of Genocide) made ​​me listen to a Uncoffined's song, in the first half of the year, my desire to listen to this album debut was unchanged. I had the sensation that Uncoffined was brought slightly really well in hands. And this way it is, my friends, so " Ritual Death and Funeral Rites " is a very good album. In fact, it is one of the Doom Death's best records of the year, do not even doubt it. The British quartet progresses slowly and heavy, leaving a trail of death and putrefaction in its path that makes the stench of death lasts several minutes after the end of playback of the album. Not only the smell of death and plague emerges from each of the six songs that integrate this very good album, black candle smoke, the darkness and cold of the dark mists surrounding everything that sounds from the beginning to the end of the record. An album that found in the loving Kat an outstanding figure. The Winds of Genocide lead singer sings with all her strength, her growls thrill, frighten, disturb. At times she sounds like great Kam Lee in Doom version, but so loud and mortuary as the legendary lead singer of Massacre / Mantas / etc. Each infernal growl uttered by Kat, makes many supposed tough guys should look for a place to hide, and to force them to assume that, besides Kat, many of these rude guys are just lambs dressed as wolves. As for her performance as a drummer, Kat uses the same technique used to sing: gives all of herself, hitting the pads with all her strength, to slow and steady rhythm, besides sounding really heavy.
G. Hall (guitar), Gory Sugden (bass) and Jonny Rot (guitar) are not far behind, they get into the catacombs of pain and misery, and from there perpetrate his evil plans converted into chords and sounds of the underworld. Each chord played by these three occultists priests penetrates under the skin of the listener, what evil entity emerging from a ritual and seizing its caller. Uncoffined, the 4 musicians together, immerse the listener in the freezing darkness of the Beyond, raise prayers to the Unknown, and outline figures intangibles but dark sound, as what we can not see, but through sounds creepy indicates that his presence is real. Real as the songs of this exquisite funeral called "Ritual Death & Funeral Rites", the long awaited (by me) Uncoffined debut album: a very good band.

Extra information: While all the songs are memorable (the title track is great), the cover of Revelation "Frustrations" is glorious. And data for anything less, the cover was made by Ola Sjöberg, another great band guitarist: God Macabre.

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