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Interview with Mynni Luukkainen from SOTAJUMALA

Sotajumala is a great group. Of the more exciting thing that exists as for Death Metal for several years already. And it is, in addition, a group that differs from the rest of the Finnish bands of Death Metal. They have a sound and a very singular style, taking influences of the Death Metal from Florida, but adapting to what they intend to do. One of the highlights of Sotajumala is vocalist Mynni Luukkainen, vocalist and owner of an overwhelming personality, both on disk and in vivo. Well, Laura Servïan talk with him, and this was what he said.

Puro Ruido: Mynni! Hi! How is everything there? Mynni Luukkainen: Hello! Everything is just fine in Finland. Lots of work and family-life, so pretty basic stuff. Now getting drunk at home and trying to answer something smart to you. Cheers!

PR: To begin with, and for anyone who does not know, could you explain what the meaning of the name Sotajumala? M.L: Well it basicly translates to "wargod", but it's way way better sounding in finnish Guys were totally piss-drunk at sauna years back and came up with that name, and it just sounded good.... No bigger agenda behind it.

PR: This year Sotajumala only play live 2 times (in fact already did). What are the steps to follow? Does composing new material? To record a new disc? M.L: Well we are going to play also two more gigs in Kuopio, Finland this december with our good friends from Deathchain. We didn't planned to do so but the Deathchain guys asked us to join them for a two gig in a row on their hometown and with them it's always good alcoholic madness so we had to participate to this joyfull occasion. Basicly we have composed new songs for the next album. We have almost 6 songs ready more and less, so getting there little by little. Hopefully our new album comes out sometime during next year, well it has be out during next year

PR: Something that distinguishes Sotajumala is his sound and style, really very personal. But, when began as far back as 1998 had it in mind? M.L: Well, we have always liked the old florida DM sound like Morbid Angel, Obituary and Deicide. We just started to do our own shit in influence with those bands and this is what we came up to. No bigger plans how we should sound or how our style should go on, it just developed in this direction. Is that a good or bad thing, that's up to you.

PR: Mynni, last year you collaborated with Taake in the split "Swine Of Hades". ¿You provided the vocals for the fabulous cover of G.G.Allin? M.L: Yeah, I was fucking honored to part of the GG tribute with great guys like Hoest from Taake of course and Erlend from Kvelertak and Necrobuther from Mayhem. I have known Hoest from Taake many years know and he knows that I fucking love GG so he asked if I was interested to be a part of his tribute to GG and I answered fuck yeah, anytime! So I do the 3rd verse and all the choruses. Hail GG, Hail Taake!

PR: Speaking of G.G. Are you a GG´s fan? M.L: If I weren't GG fan Hoest wouldn't ask me to be part of the tribute... So that gives an answer to your question.

PR: Some don't know, but in addition to singing in Sotajumala, you're guitarist in Horna, where also played the bass, and you've been live guitarist for Behexen. In what other groups have played? Are you stuck in some other project currently, in addition to Sotajumala and Horna? M.L: Now days I'm only occupied with Sotajumala and Horna. I did three gigs in Behexen when they were supporting Mayhem in Finland. They needed a second guitar and they asked me. And of course I'll help my brothers when they need me. I also played guitar in Ajattara until we split up and I played live guitar for Black Sun Aeon for a couple of years. I also had two of my own bands Unveiled and Obscurant. Both are dead now days. And I also were guitarist and live bassist for Alghazanth back in the days. So nothing much

PR: The idea of singing in Finnish is a great success. It sounds really good death metal you do sung in that language. But why did you decide to do it that way? M.L: Well when the guys started the band there actually weren't any bands who sung in finnish, so the guys were like fuck it, we will do that. We have recorded only one song in english and in my point of view finnish is the language what we will us in the future, no doubt about it.

PR: Talking about language, "Estrangulado" is a great song. For those who do the blog, is already a classic. Why you decided to sing in Spanish? Who's idea was it? The singer is Rodrigo Fatality from Kataplexia, true?
M.L: Well, I sing only the title of the song because I don't have talent to speak nor sing in spanish even though I would fucking love to be able to do so. It was our bassists idea to ask Rod to join us for that song. We have know Rod for many years and it was fucking awesome thing that he was willing to do that. I'll raise my class to Rodrigo Fatality and Kataplexia! Saluté!

PR: Finland has contributed great Extreme bands to the Under. It is not necessary to give names, since the list would be endless. What we would like to know is how much influence the whole story in Finnish young musicians at the time to start a band. M.L: Our guys main influence would go to florida DM scene and Iron Maiden when they started Sotajumala years back. My influence comes from the Devil. So it makes quite good mix to the band. We are all quite different from another so when everybody contributes to the band the final outcome have been something that people have noticed and they want more. So we are more that happy to give the people what they want

PR: One of the things we like to Sotajumala is the strength of the sound, the band sounds compact. But much work lies behind all that power that emerges from your music? M.L: Now days we have our own guy who comes with us in the studio and does the technical magic. We just came up with the sound and the songs and our "partner in crime" Hansu makes it all sound just perfect.

PR: A while ago we got the split dvd with Survivors Zero, and i must say that the show of Sotajumala is absolutely devastating. We note that you enjoy a lot of play live am I wrong? M.L: I fucking love to do that, and every time I'm on stage I feel like I was born to do that. I don't think anything that I should do or not to do on stage, I just go there and do whatever comes to my mind. Have no limits because they are the things that binds you down. Just like Slayer said "Evil has no boundaries".

PR: If I remember correctly, a short time ago Horna played some South American countries right? Were you part of that tour? M.L: Yeah, with Horna we have played in Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador and Brazil. The last tour was in Brazil and it was fuckking horrible because of the arrangements. The bands we traveled with were awesome company to drink and play with but the organizer should just fucking drop dead. I would fucking love to come there one day again. Good weather, nice people, cheap alcohol and great audience. Hopefully some we'll be able to come there with Sotajumala.

PR: Mynni as you play Horna, and have played in Alghazant and Behexen, comes to my mind the religious question. What is the philosophy / ideology that apply in your daily life? What do you think about Christianity? M.L: If I play with Horna and Behexen it should be quite obvious which way I hold my cross... Like I said, I'm inspired by the Devil every day more and more in my daily life and in my music.

PR: Well, Mynni, the final question How long will Sotajumala annihilating audiences? M.L: If there is audience we will come! If there is free alcohol I'll come! So mainly it's up to you how long we will do this... Actually fuck it, we would do this even if there wasn't anyone how listened

PR: Mynni, thank you very much for giving us the interview. Hopefully one day we can see Sotajumala in South AmericaM.L: No, thank you very much! Hopefully that day will come and you can offer me the drink you own me for this interview Cheers!

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