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Interview with Inhume

For some reason, to Laura (my pair) fascinate the Extreme Dutch bands. As it happens to me too. So we interviewed several Dutch bands. And so today we bring you this entertaining interview with Roel, the bestial & great drummer of Inhume, brutal band if any. Roel is not only a great drummer: is a nice guy, intelligent, sincere and very funny. In short, it was a pleasure to interview this true warrior of the Underground. Now, with you Roel, Inhume´s drummer!

Puro Ruido: Brutal Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina! How is everything there?
Roel: Cheers from Holland.. thanks! All good so far. Little time-out with Inhume but we will be back soon.

PR: From what I could see on the Facebook account, started the year giving concerts, and will continue to do so. Will play in more festivals? Got plans to make a tour in Europe and other continents?
R: We did some shows indeed and also some festivals. Our focus lies more in planning a new album and writing songs.. at the end of this year we will do an European tour of 2 weeks with Waco Jesus from the U.S. We really looking forward to that one.

PR: Moulding The Deformed was released three years ago, right? There is a new Inhume album on the way?
R: Right, we don't make many albums because we don't want it to be mass production. We take our time to write songs until we are satisfied with it. We looking right now for a new record company after negotiating for a year with a label about a contract.. really stupid because it could have been done in an few weeks..

PR: If my calculations do not fail me, next year will be celebrating 20 years as a band.You thought somehow celebrate in particular? Or even you did not stop at that detail?
R: Yes! You are right! Already 20 years making this terrible noise haha... time flies. We talked about it and we think we are going to do a show with all our former members joining.. would be fantastic because we all are still friends and it shouldn't be a problem.

PR: Using the perspective provided by the passage of time, how much change the music of Inhume since 1994 to date? Do you believe that there was a clear evolution since that first demo in 1995, until the last album?
R: I don't think it changed that much during those years.. we still write in the same way, but maybe it became a little faster and more aggressive.. also the guitars were tuned lower after a few years but we changed it back to what it was at our first demo.. we also try to create more distinction between the songs. But most of the time we end up with al songs super fast haha.. but we try ;)

PR: What motivated you to create the band? What was the basic idea that propelled to form a band so brutal?
R: 20 years ago I was listening to the BBC Peel Session of Napalm Death.. it was so fucking brutal that I wanted do something like that to.. so I asked Loek, Richard and Joost if they were interested. They like the idea and so we started. Can't believe it is already 20 years ago. Crazy!

PR: When Inhume began, Extreme Metal lived a great moment. Then his popularity declined, and many bands disappeared, even momentarily. Do you believe that this moment of unpopularity helped the Extreme Metal back to the place from which he never had to leave: the Underground? I mean, in a moment of history, some bands signed contracts with major labels and all that, something that, in my opinion, was not a good idea.
R: I think you are right. It became suddenly very popular and many bands wanted te be extreme but didn't survive. That alone say's enough I think. Only the true Grind/extreme Death bands kept going on and still exist. This kind of of music should be underground although it's great to be on bigger shows or tours.

PR: Have decided to go with one vocalist? Or have in mind to incorporate other vocalist, so continue to use the double vocal attack?
R: Inhume and Joost decided to go on without eachother.. Live and studio we will be using Dennis from 'Severe Torture' and Dorus. I think it's the power of Inhume those 2 singers.. they put a lot of energie on stage so we will keep that up.

PR: If my memory does not trump me, two of the members of Inhume also play in Skullhog (Loek and Ben). Have you thought about the possibility of doing a tour with both bands?
R: Yes, you're right. But we never do shows together. It's or Inhume or Skullhog. We never talked about it but it never became an issue. I'm sure they think about it the same. Would also be very heavy for those guy's on tour to do 2 shows each night.

PR: Holland has bands really brutal. That is why I called the attention powerfully. My question is, there is something in the air in Holland, which makes the extreme bands in that country are REALLY BRUTAL?
R: Haha... al lot of polution I think.. I don't know why there are so many brutal band over here. Maybe everyone is a little frustrated about everyday's life and high tax bills.

PR: How is the process of creating the songs? There is a member that brings more ideas than others?
R: We rehearse every week and we sit together and throw our ideas together.. that why it takes a lot of time to write a new album because it's very time consuming this way. But everyone joins the writing proces and brings ideas.. that's also important I think.

PR: A few months ago, we had the opportunity to interview Dobber Beverly (ex Insect Warfare). He told us that extreme metal is starting to sound like video game music, losing their power and intensity. Do you believe that the excess of technique of the musicians, and the quantity of possibilities that offers the digital world commit an outrage against the essence of the Extreme Metal, in certain way?
R: He is right. Because of the protools in studio's some bands go crazy with that stuff.. also the fast blastbeats getting faster because of techniques that don't have anything to do with drumming and they lose al the power that the music should have. We like it the old school way.. like Napalm Death, Terrorrizer, Carcass Nasum and such bands.

PR: Ok, the last one: we see you in Argentina sometime? Have you ever played in Latin America?
R: Who knows. We want to come and we almost did. But the touring agency wasn't
reliable.. to bad. Maybe on day.

PR: Many thanks for the interview! Those who do the blog loves the music of Inhume. Want to leave a message for your fans Latinos?
R: First of all many thanks for waiting and the interview.  Great to hear you like our music and  you supported us through the years. Together we keep brutal music alive. Thanks again and cheers to everyone in Argentina.

Roel (Inhume)

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