sábado, 22 de junio de 2013

Gore Obsessed - The Basement Tapes vol.2: Die When You Die!

Year: 2013
Label: Torn Flesh Records
Country: Holland

Justin Grind is one of the favorite musicians of whom who do this blog. The man-band behind Gore Obsessed has created and recorded some of the most fun and rough records we've heard, and enjoyed, in these last five years. Prolific, insane, brutal, funny, wild and authentic, Justin Grind is giving us at least 2 albums per year, whether demos, EPs or splits (not yet published any full lenght). And each of these works, containing songs that very few people in the world can create and play in a way that makes them irresistible. Justin uses so few resources, but uses so well, that does nothing but provoke admiration from in this writer.. Of the simplicity makes a cult, a style, finding qualities in the same few know leveraged to create something that sounds lovely and not at all tiring. Since that 2008 demo (titled Grindhouse) to this new Ep, Justin has managed to prove all adorable and nasty work in the same way. The guy manages to make a musical style in which the grotesque, bloody and horrific it fun, intense and groovy, without hiding his influences (GG Allin, Impetigo, Gut, Repulsion, Meat Shits, Autopsy), but putting its unique personality with main shaft. No one who has heard Gore Obsessed can say that Justin is a copycat. No one can accuse him of having no style. In fact, I think Gore Obsessed is one of the most authentic bands in the universe of extreme metal today. And this new Ep, second of the saga The Basement Tapes, it is a complete sample of which Gore Obsessed sounds to Gore Obsessed, you like or not what Justin Grind does. Going specifically to the songs, there are 4 songs that stand out immediately. The maniacal frenzy of " Human Test Subjects " and " The Killer Wore Gloves (Black Leather Gloves part 1) " (the latter, cover of the band of Crust Punk that had Justin before creating Gore Obsessed: Razor Sharp Daggers), and the devilish captivation of " Another Tale of Slime, Gore Guts and " and " I, Zombi ", with these riffs so punkies in the GG Allin´s style, and that so well go out for Justin. And speaking of GG, our beloved Justin give us again a cover of The Great GG, "Die When You Die" is the song chosen to honor the self-destructive punk emblem of all time. In addition to this cover, Justin includes 4 other covers most: the aforementioned cover of Razor Sharp Daggers (project that Justin recorded another song for this EP, namely, the track number 4 also belongs to RSD), and two covers of Justin's side project, Surgical Infection project which I recommend to all fans of Dead Infection, the first Carcass and Last Days of Humanity. Finally, we must add that Justin is responsible for absolutely all instruments and voice, as well as being the creator of the cover, and be responsible for the production, mixing and mastering of it (that was recorded in a DIY the Slaughterhouse Studios, owned by, yes, Justin). And if all this were not enough, the album can be downloaded for free from the label's website Torn Flesh Records, or, from Gore Obsessed page. Did I mention that Justin is one of our favorite artists?

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