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Interview with Ruy from Miss Cadaver

Miss Cadaver present it fairly recently. This is the project of Ruy, who is responsible for almost everything. Next to him is Helder on drums. But surely, Miss Cadaver is Ruy, and vice versa. So, and as we wanted to have an interview with this band, we agreed an interview with Ruy. And he, always friendly, answered it without wasting time. As expected, the type provides interesting answers. Check it out.

Puro Ruido: Hello Ruy. How are you? Working in new editions for this 2013?
Ruy: Hello Juan! I'm ok (hope you're fine too!) and thank you for the interview! Yes, right now I'm working on the songs for the next tape "Guerrilla Punk" to be released in 2013. I'm also working and directing a tribute compilation to british Doom only with portuguese bands. It will be a limited tape edition with various portuguese punk bands performing songs from "Total Doom". I have also a 4 way split 7'' to finish with more 3 bands but this one may be more difficult to end this year. As you can see, a lot of shit to do! Besides that, I'm always writing new songs for future EP's or albums.

PR: According to what you say in the press release, this year you edit a Tape (Guerrilla Punk) and the second album (Mänifestvm Raivus). Both works are already finished? There will be musical differences between the two? The free yourself through a label or be released in a DIY way?
Ruy: I hope to release "Guerrilla Punk" this year but the album will be for 2014, that's for sure. I play in Machinergy and we're going to record our second album in mid 2013 and it will be impossible to do all these things! I have the time but some issues (recording and drums) are dependent of others, so... 
The songs in "Guerrilla Punk" are remains from the "Death to Fado" sessions and because I never send things to trash, I developed the lyrics and melodies for those orphan drafts and added an intro and a spoken word song. The sophomore album will be more elaborated, all songs are new and will be shaped to as much simple and "angerous" possible. And the production will be more accurate and powerful! In all releases I always seek the partnership of some DIY labels, friends or bands. It's always much easier and cheaper to all.

PR: Ruy, what was it that motivated you to start with Miss Cadaver? Emotions and ideas which motivated you to create this band? I was reading the manifesto, and really liked what I read. But it would be nice if you would tell people what the manifesto says.
Ruy: Well, Miss Cadaver's Manifesto is a declaration against all the shit that is going on in Portugal nowadays. Man, this is a total corrupted country! It's all fucked up! We already live in what I call the new fascism! So, and as far as I can, I try to do my best denouncing all the shit in my lyrics and manifestos. Music must be a weapon or... punk must be THE weapon and you are the warrior holding it! So, you have to use this opportunity in the best way you can and shoot straight! Punk is for warriors! 

PR:You are playing with a drummer fixed now? Or you have a session drummer with you?
Ruy: I have a fixed session drummer, eheh! Helder Rodrigues is the friend that plays the drums and records the songs. Without him it would be quite impossible to do what I already did. I invited him to be officially part of Miss Cadaver but he doesn't want and I respect that but he is always ready to help me. We play together in Machinergy.

PR: Let's speak what you express in the lyric ones. In the manifest you say that this region of the planet is a paradise of corruption, abundance of thieves. It is a very frontal idea and that unmasks certain lies that tell us to whom we live in the third world. You know, always they show us to Europe as the dreamed Paradise, where everything works, where the things are better than here, in Latin America. You believe that it is fundamental to count what the means do not show it brings over of what happens in Europe?
Ruy: Europe right now (or the European Union) reminds me the CCCP times and what happened then. When you try to create an union, the goal is this: UNION! If you start to take the small countries as prisoners and smashing their wills and hopes, you'll have no chance. Sooner or later, it will explode and will fall to pieces. And that is happening in Europe right now with the euromoney serving as bread to (supposedly) save countries like Portugal from bankruptcy. The corruption issue is the most serious here because that rots all the links in the social chain. There is a part (bankers, politicians, justice, even the media is not helping...) that dominates the country doing all the things  their way and the other part is sustaining it! For example, we have poverty growing out in the streets and rural villages but also lots of vanity and money spent in luxury parties by RTP, the national television channel! We have bankers at home seeing television or reading the newspaper and on the other side people are paying their prejudice of billions in the biggest scandal in the portuguese financial system (BPN dossier). I could be here eternally relating all the shit that's going on right  now! So, we’re fighting the european fascism and our internal fascism! Man, I really don't know our destiny but it will not be enlightened for sure and I feel very sad for those who worked their entirely lives and are now seeing the state monster stealing all their savings! It's very sad. This scumbag should be impaled, is all I have to say!

PR: You're an artist that is managed with the slogan Do It Yourself, that is clear. How much influence on your way to work the current global economic crisis? Perhaps this crisis is more detrimental to those in the mainstream? Or affects to the Underground in the same way?
Ruy: Of course it affects in less money we earn from our jobs and have to spent it in fucking new taxes, prices getting higher and shit like that! But in a way, underground is always in a kind of crisis, right? I mean, we do the things always with many limitations but trying to minimize that with partnerships, splits, etc. And I really don't see it as some way of business or selling a product. I do my own recordings and release them in physical format but always share the music first. I cannot conceive selling a message when that is the most important! That is what I dig in punk and all true punk should be like that!

PR: Let's talk about music. Your recorded an great cover of Doom, "Phobia for Change". Why did you choose to do a version of that song in particular? Going to Include a cover of another band in your future editions? It is really very good version of the song of Doom!
Ruy: Thank you! First, Doom is my reference and main inspiration and that song was always in my mind since I heard Doom for the first time. I just always loved that song and to don't repeat the same ones (Police Bastard or Nazi Die) I decided to record that one and transform the lyrics into portuguese. In the future, I would like to cover something from Ratos de Porão (another big reference) or from some portuguese band, maybe Atrofiados (early 90's).

PR: Ruy, Miss Cadaver is a group to record albums only? Or you play live?
Ruy: For now, Miss Cadaver is only a studio project not playing live. Indeed, I'm in crossroads right now... I have some friends that would help me to play live, people that get to know Miss Cadaver asks about concerts but, I really don't know man... In a way I like the idea of getting to a stage, I think these songs would work well out there, but on the opposite side, I see and I like to see Miss Cadaver as a kind of musical flyer, spreading the message! So, it's a kind of schizo right now!

PR: You played in a band called Coluna de Ferro. What happened to that band? One can say that this band was the embryo of Miss Cadaver?
Ruy: That's right! CxDxFx was an anarcho punk band from Lisbon and it was very nice although short. It was a great way to pass the message but because we were five personalities, things didn't go right as much as we would like and the band split up. So, by that time I thought that to continue the message I would have to do it by myself and alone to avoid any interruptions. And that was when Miss Cadaver was born!

PR: Ruy, we finalized. Your way of working reminds me how it works Fofao of Besthöven. Would you like edit a split with Besthöven? What are the pros and cons of doing almost everything alone?
Ruy: It would be nice to do that! I'm always open to new collaborations and partnerships! In the case of Miss Cadaver, it must be all alone and done by myself! Because this is my point of view and it can be made only by me. When you have other persons in a band, even in punk, sometimes come to an agreement is not easy. Lyrics and themes can also divide in punk. So, I see this project - literally - as my weapon (you can see it in the logo where my Flying V guitar is mixed with an AK-47)!

PR: Well, friend, I believe that this is quite. Certainly, thank you very much for the interview. Always you get the support of our blog!
Ruy: Thanks a lot for the interview, I must say this was the first written interview by Miss Cadaver! All the best for you!

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