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Interview With Psygnosis

Much is spoken about the lack of boldness and originality in much of the music being made ​​today. Well, this is not applicable to this fabulous music created by French group. Psygnosis are audacious, original, brave and give a shit what they do if you find it weird or not. Psygnosis do what they want, and do so without ties, no barriers. hear any of the albums released by the band (in digital format, edit until this interview) and get your own conclusions. And while listening to that great band, can read this interview freshly baked.

Puro Ruido: Greetings! How's it going over there? Thank you for accepting the interview
Rémi : Thanks to you for the interest !

PR: Let's talk about "Sublimation". It is getting good reviews? It has been well accepted by the fans? Personally, I think it's a great EP!
Rémi : Well, it has better welcome than Anti-Sublime ! We got a lot of new fans with this ep, and our "older" fans had generally accepted it well. Some guys prefered the vocals from Anti-Sublime, but it's not our opinion. We wanted to correct what we don't like anymore in Anti-Sublime, and Yohan gave a new vibe to FIIIX and Loozing Zeppelin. And for The Judgement, it has been composed for the second album, but now it don't really fit with it spirit. It's also a song that we played for a long time now. It was logical to put it in Sublimation.

PR: What motivated you to create Psygnosis? There was a need, a concept / idea that you needed to bring to the world, and ended becoming Psygnosis?
Rémi : Psygnosis appeared when i wanted to create too much different things. So I create one project where i could put all i wanted to do, but a coherent project, that can satisfied me at 100%. That was the idea, do what i want to do, without thinking of rules or styles. The only rule is "do something coherent". With time, we found some gimmicks that can guess that it comes from Psygnosis, but it's not a thing that i planified.

PR: The first time I heard Psygnosis, words like "freedom", "courage", "creativity" and "avantgarde", came to mind immediately. After reading the biography of the group on the website, I found that, indeed, the idea of the group is based on the absence of barriers and predefined templates when creating his music. Considering the idea of staying free and unlimited when composing, Psygnosis need to work independently? Or would you agree to sign for a label, always and when the label respects the essence of the band?
Jérémy : It always a pleasure to see people are receptive to our step !
Firstly thanks for your comments and esteem !
We think that music has its place on scene , hearing support are not considered as derived products , even if these today are essential. Internet has changed the concept of music and it is very surprising to see that we are considered “ avant-guard “ . We do not consider “internet pirates “ as thieves but as network support to promote our music .  Read an MP3 is so simple , share a “you tube “ link is so accessible . Then why try to  eradicate these music hearing methods ?
And we are not free , we are trying to offer a quality  products when collectors and fans want to buy our albums and EP . That is why we will continue our way of presenting an elaborated product . 
If today we are looking for a label , it is simply to be able to open doors that only well known professionals can open , it is well understood that we will not sign anything and any cost ! We are well able to auto manage  ourselves signing for a label would only gain us some time and it is well understood that we will defend gratuity ! 
Yohan : We are currently searching for a label, we know that we will should do some concession but I don't think that any label will really change our state of mind or our music. I see this like something that will help us to live of our music which is the aim of our work, share our music, tour with it and reach a lot of peoples all around the world.

PR: The art and music in particular, should stay away from the multinational corporations? That is to say, must art be independent to be free and authentic?
Jeremy : Monetary system that dominates the world today has mixed up everything 
It is not work that is considered as measure but money , that means a talentuous artist that has no money will have less power than a non a rich non performer .
In fact let us not be stupid money is everywhere . That explains why multinationals are “sticking their nose” into the art world and can also be beneficial and capable of exceptional and moving shows when directed by artists . 
I believe that art is authentic when it can resisted to money domination , but by not using money an artist will stay unknown and alone . 
Psygnosis from it root’s name becomes what it is and liberty is its principal driver . We operate in 3D mode because we compose without a specific style , we are presenting this music differently , without drummer a fact that does not worry us , we are spreading our music using all possibility means that technology gives today . This 3D spirit continue to mature every day and that is to strong to be forgotten against enormous amount of money . It is very nice and motivating to run through virgin land .
Yohan : Work with multinational corporations don't always mean that the essence of an art is lost. I don't see multinational like the devil thing which remove all the power of an art, I'm convince that art can't be judge by someone, it's a part of ourselves, who can judge something as personal as our feelings?

PR: Who do the blog, have a deep admiration for much of French music we hear. Whether Death, Black, Doom, Grind, Avantgarde, Industrial or HC / Punk, the French bands, mostly, have a distinctive, very own personality that makes French bands differ from the rest. Think that identity exists in the music made in France? Think it's necessary to have own identity for the music stand out?
Jérémy : Effectively, I think it is necessary to have an identity in art in general to stand, and this is also where lies the difference between talent and genius.
Buy a good instrument and learn to play, anyone can do it, but to come up with something really personal with, and evolve, that's remarkable!
Yohan : I think the “french touch” exist (with this answer people will think that I'm an egocentric french...). As for me french touch means more in electronic music but if when you hear our music you think it's a french cool music that's good for us. It's not our aim but if people like it, that's a great thing.
Rémi : I don't really know if France have it own musical indentity, i think it's only some bands, who distinguished themselves with their identitied, and did not do the same thing that all the other bands. But in the other hand, some bands from others contries are unique too. It's hard to say when you live it from the inside !

PR: If I did not read wrong, "Sublimation" has a limited edition in USB key. How many copies have been edited in USB and why you decided to make this edition?
Jeremy : Sublimation was released in digital format on the net and on USB limited to 100 ex. If we have decided to released our album on this format , it is a way to produce our music in an unexpected way , further than that there is no pre- established codes  for this type of product which suits perfectly Psygnosis spirit . 

PR: What things inspire you to write the lyrics? The idea of no self-impose barriers, it also applies to lyrics?
Yohan : My life is my first source of inspiration in my lyrics, the things I've lived, my hardships, things and people make me angry. My lyrics means a lot for me and I don't have to play a role, I can't sing something I can't defend, so I can talk about everything which mean something to me.

PR: In everything there is a beginning, a starting point. What bands / musicians influenced you, individual or group, and motivated you to make music?
Jeremy : Helloween was the first metal band I heard, I thought it was hyper violent and loved ! Next Iron Maiden, and I quickly became interested in music after hearing dark “Seventh son of a seventh son”, then I discovered “Wolheart” with Moonspell and finally Burzum was a real shock in my music perception.
Yohan : Joe from Gojira influenced me a lot, as a musician, a vocalist, and as a man, his vision of the world, music and humanity is amazing.
Rémi : I had a lot of big changes in my way to see music, it's hard to not be exhaustive, chronologically the most importants are Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Deftones, Shape of Despair, Gojira, Meshuggah, Aphex Twin and Darkspace. Musical creation has imposed itself very early because it was the only form of expression that I had, I did not spoken with others. It's still the best way I've found to express what I feel, my words have little value, I prefer to communicate this way.

PR: What is next in the life of Psygnosis? Playing live to continue to spread your art? Got into the studio to try new sound experiments?
Rémi : The experimentation is not really one of our objectives in fact, it is only what we want to do. It must be experimental to unprepared ears, but i really don't have the feeling that we are experimental. Playing live, fuck yes, playing live as much as possible, we love it, this is where everything lives ! The second album should be out before the end of the year 2013 !

PR: To finish, there exists in Psygnosis the intention of affecting the listener somehow? Or simply you make music for you and share it with the world?
Jérémy : If we can help individuals to understand that they can have their own thinking without systematically going to seek refuge in pre-established codes  , we would be happy .
Now we are doing what we want and spreading our music so it can live . 
Yohan : The listener is an entire part of Psygnosis, Raphael (cello) is a listener and now we play together you can hear his work in “the judgement” and “loozing zeppelin”. We don't think music as our property, life without music isn't thinkable so we just play and share with everyone want to listen for free.

PR: Thank you for the interview, and hopefully we can continue to enjoy your music for much longer. You want to add something?
Jérémy : Thank you for your deep questions, it's rare !

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