miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Peacemaker - Peace Is The Victory!

Year: 2011
Label: Grindcore Karaoke
Country: USA

To experiment freely with the sounds and the structures is anything that could become by anyone. If we focus specifically in styles as the Noise and the Industrial, and even the Ambient (in any of his variants), the results, in case of being positives, usually because behind what you hear there are people who know what it does. In Peacemaker's punctual case, there are no doubts, the implied ones in the matter have her very clear. Those who are the persons in charge? The principal person in charge is the great Richard Hoak, drummer of Brutal Truth and mastermind behind Total Fucking Destruction, beside being a part of the rockers Old Head, and of having put his talent to the service of the mad Exit-13. With this curriculum, you probably think that amidst all this there is something of Grindcore. No, there is not. As I said before, this is Noise / Industrial / Ambient, done with class, twisted, with all the ingredients that make this type of work sounds attractive. Peacemaker sounds oppressive, yet has that cosmic thing, that touch so unique that makes you feel like you are a mere speck in the middle of the vast cosmos. In fact, "Peace Is The Victory" is, in my opinion, an ideal album to listen to while reading "Pale Blue Dot", the fabulous book by Carl Sagan. And is that the compositions are true travel through the universe (or multiverse). A trip that turns dark at times, but that is how it should be, it is that the essence of these styles as unconventional. Unconventional, but great if done right. And Mr. Hoak shows that not only is good at Grindcore: so is dabbling in genres that, to me, are a big challenge, because the lack of structures classic / traditional, not having the typical song format we all know The artist must experience not only sounds, but also with the atmosphere, and essentially look into the recesses of his mind. In short, is there where the sound universe that then serve to create images. Images that are fundamental to the listener's mind into harmony with the work. Richard Hoak and William Nuckols take sounds and transform them into atmospheres and images, and do it really well. Moreover, it is more interesting to listen to Hoak doing something different and out of Grindcore.
Is peace victory? Sure. And the journey to that victory starts here.
Extra Data: the digital booklet was made by Jay Randall (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, etc.)


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