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Interview with Ivan Cuijpers from Cliteater

Holland, The Netherlands. If we have to talk about Goregrind, Holland comes up in conversation with the speed of a Blast Beat. And it is that in this country there are bands of absolutely brilliant Goregrind. Of Goregrind, of Death Metal and everything what is Extreme. But, if we speak specifically about Goregrind, in this country there are some of the best bands of the world. Cliteater is one of these bands. Sincerely, his records are amazing, and the names they put to them are too. That is why I request an interview.. The one who answered was Ivan Cuijpers, guitarist of the group, who offered to us so enterteining and brilliant answers as Cliteater's music. What continues does not have waste.

Puro Ruido: Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina? How's it going over there? Preparing to kick ass with the new record?
Ivan Cuijpers: Salutos bro!! Thx for having us again!! I,m very busy right now preparing lots of stuff for the record but I feel blessed and doing fine, hope you doing fine to man!!

PR: Since we are talking the new album, we start talking about what's next. The album is called "Cliteaten Back To Life". If I read correctly, it was recorded in 10 days, is that correct? When goes on sale and what label will release?
IC: That is 100% true!! This new album is called CLITEATEN BACK TO LIFE, was recorded in 10 days and will be released on March 8th by War Anthem Records from Germany!

PR: How good was the reaction of the fans with new promo video released to promote the new album? Personally, I love the video!
IC: Haha overall very positive! We took the song Toy Box Killer and made a sample video with lots of fun stuff we made during the recordings haha!

PR: What is the current lineup of the band? Robbie Rockster still playing as live bassist? I ask this because in the Encyclopedia Metallum, he appears as a live member of Cliteater from 2009 to the present.
IC: The current line up is the same as 2,5 years ago: 
- Joost vocals
- Robbie guitar
- Vedran bass
- Clemens drums
- Ivan (me) pitch and guitars
Robbie replaced Vedran when he went on a world trip and stayed in the band after the return of Vedran. On this record we had a new drummer, but he is also member for 2,5 year now!

PR: Why were suspended the tour in Mexico? You seemed to be excited about this tour!
IC: The promoter promised us lots of stuff and he would organize everything and pay everything in front to get our asses over there. We had lots of contact about it and just ONE week before take the plane he said he had no money to fly us over so that’s why we could not come and play in Mexico (for the 2nd time with the same guy) so from now on we don’t trust his promised anymore (actually he asked us again) so if another promoter will book us, bring it on!

PR: The cover of "Cliteaten Back To Life" was made by Luisma Haemorrhage, and the truth is it's great. Why you chose him to make the cover? You like Haemorrhage, suppose
IC: Luisma is a good old friend of the band and he did the designs since the beginning of the band so for us it’s easy to choose him again ;) Haemorrage rules!!

PR: Who do the blog, love the music of Cliteater. But there are other details we love: the names of the records. How and when arose the idea of parody or deform the names of the records of other bands?
IC: Haha since the beginning. It began as a joke during a drunk rehearsal.  Each title had to be clitorized as a tribute for the bands who inspire us the most when we grow up as metal kids. Metallica, S.O.D., Slayer, Death,  Pantera, Canibal Corpse, all these bands made us what we are today and is not joking off the bands, but as a total tribute!!

PR: You're going to play at several festivals. The Summerbreeze Open Air, Grindhoven and Antwerp Death Fest, among others. You have plans to give concerts headlining too? Will do a tour with other bands?
IC: We will hit some more fests and actually there was a tour planned with Exhumed but for some financial reasons we had to call it down and right now our booker is arranging a tour in the autumm of 2013!

PR: We all know what is happening with the crisis economic that it concerns to Europe, and to the world in general. How much influence this crisis in a band like Cliteater when managing the costs of recording an album or touring?
IC: In the begin of the band, people actually bought records many more as they do now, downloading is making the whole underground industry to a end and I,m very concerned of this. Last record we sold enough to get some money to record again in the studio but each time is getting more difficult because nobody understands that downloading is stealing and when people still downloading music, they don’t understand is killing the whole industry. Labels and bands cant pay it anymore and what you get is cheap ass releases, home recorded with no talent and that is called brutal music? I 100% against illegal downloading for sure. Touring is more expensive then ever and in the end of a tour, there is no money left. 10 years ago we earned a bit but nowadays is getting harder and harder to stay alive in this business!

PR: Holland has a rich history related to extreme metal. Is that a motivation for the Dutch extreme bands? I mean, with history and talent of bands like Pestilence, Last Days Of Humanity, Sinister, Asphyx or Severe Torture, gives the impression that the Dutch bands are challenged to make what they do sound really good, besides sounding brutal, very brutal.
IC: I don’t know. We come from the south east and here you got more the grind scene with bands as last days, Rompeprop, Inhume, Fubar, Suppository etc. When you go up north there is almost no grind and more death metal. When I was a kiddo, I visited much grind concerts and that made me the inspiration to make also this music. 

PR: Finally, we would like to give us your definition of what is Cliteater, either on stage or in a recording studio or rehearsing.
IC: Haha cool question. Cliteater is a serious band who don’t take it all to serious. On the road we are a normal band with no issues like many bands have nowadays. On stage we are a raging machine with lots of fun and interaction between audience and stage! We make lots of fun. If we enter the studio, we prepared all the songs and for us is just a vacation. Wake up, have breakfast, recording for 8 hours, go to a restaurant or have aa bbq, drink as hell and past out haha. After that we all went home, go to bed, feed our kids and go to work the next day like everyone else do ;)

PR: Well, that's all. Of course, thank you very much for the interview. We hope to see you some time in South America!
IC: Gracias  again man!!! Was a honor to do this for the 2nd time!! I hope we will get a email or phone call soon from Argentina. (did you knew the Dutch prince married a woman from Argentina and she will become the Queen of Holland in April??) Feel free to like us on Facebook or get your info on!! Stay loyal to the clits and hunt for MILFS!!! 

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