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Interview With Scott Reigel from Brutality

Of all the classics and unforgettable old school Death Metal bands, was lacking one in particular to return to the sound of Tampa again have all their icons in activity (except Death, of course): Brutality. Luckily, the band creator of unforgettable classic "Screams Of Anguish" is back and with great news. What news? Scott Reigel, the legendary singer, tells us in this interview. Yes, Brutality is back!

Puro Ruido: Hi Scott, how are you? Thank you very much for agreeing to the interview. And thank you very much to get back on the road with Brutality! Finally, BRUTALITY IS BACK!
Scott Reigel: I’m doing great thanks

PR: Tell us, comes the album of the return? Are you recording it in the Morrisound Studios, in Tampa, certainly? Can you advance us if the songs will sound like the old Brutality? There will be innovations?
SR: Yes we are recording at MorrisSound with Jim Morris he has been our producer since the demos, our new songs are in the same vein as Screams of Anguish!

PR: That was what motivated the return of brutality? Felt that it was the right time? As soon as were influenced by the fans at the time of making the decision to reunite Brutality?
SR: We all have been wanting to reunite for years, but our own personal lives made it not feasible to do so.
We slowly started to see what kind of feed back we would get from fans by making some t shirts and well we knew then we should do it for our fans.

PR: What are the feelings you experienced when entering the studio and start recording again after so many years? I read the Facebook account that vibrations are the same as those experienced while working on the full length "Screams Of Anguish".
SR: It feels like going in for the first time with this line up crazy how years go by but we all feel the same about our music.

PR: Scott, let's do a little bit of history. Brutality was born in 1986, but before be called brutality had two other names, is correct? Tell us, what kinds of things happening around you in those early years? Sensations that you had to be part of a scene that was created, which was about to explode?
SR: Yes Darkness and Abomination but they were short lived and Brutality was born.
Lots going on in the scene back then Tampa band like Morbid Angel, Obituary/Executioner, Deicide/Amon the list goes on we were all just wanting to play heavy music. Great to look back and know we were apart of it.

PR:In the beginning, was Brutality a group of Death Metal to 100 %? Or were evolved up to turning into a group of pure and insane Death Metal?
SR: When Brutality started there wasn’t really any Death Metal we were more like a thrash metal band and we just evolved over time with becoming better musicians and song writers. 

PR: Brutality returns two times before this return: in 2005 and 2008, if I did not read wrong. What happened in those two occasions? Things did not work as you wanted?
SR: We tried to reform with different members but it just didn’t feel right so we just decided not to go thru with it! We felt it wasn’t the same without the original Screams line up!

PR: There will be a tour to promote the new album? If you do, have thought about recording a DVD documenting the tour?
SR: We have no plans to do a full tour but hope to play the festivals, if enough footage is taken a dvd is possible.

PR: From a distance, and with the perspective gained over time, what is your favorite album of brutality, which recorded in the 90s?
SR: Screams of Anguish

PR: Scott, during the years in which Brutality was "frozen", you kept abreast of what was happening in the extreme metal scene? There are bands new (or relatively new) that you like? Or do you prefer the old material lo-fi sound of the late 80s / early 90s?
SR: Prefer old school but like a lot of the modern Black Metal. Dark Throne, Dark Funeral, Emperor.

PR: What bands and albums pushed you to make music? There was a turning point in your life, where you hear something and say "ok, this is what I want to do"?
SR: Our influences are a wide ranged from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Johnny Cash to the Beatles even a little classical!!!!   We just all love music!!!!!!!

PR: Well, Scott, we finalized. To conclude, we can say that Brutality will make the sky turns black?
SR: Yes we are planning on returning sicker than ever be prepared for some Old School Tampa Death Metal

PR: Well, I believe that this is quite. Again, thank you very much for accepting the interview. It is a pleasure to have Brutality again between us! If you want to say something to the Latin fans of Brutality, do it freely
SR: We thank all of our fans Latin and world wide if not for you we would not be doing this!!!!
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STAY BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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