domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Forlorn Remembrance - Dystopian Dreamscapes

Año: 2012
Label: Selfproduced
Country: Sweden

We have already published some of this band in this blog. And I think we will continue to publish things from them, not only because it is a new group, but rather this is a band that tries to bring ideas and fresh air to a scene saturated. But at least they are looking for an identity, a style, something that allows them to be identified by what they do, so they are, as they sound. In this 3 songs Ep is clearly noted that search, the need to find a personality. And, to be 3 songs, we believe it is appropriate to analyze them separately. The first track is the one that gives name to the EP, and, indeed, is the highest point of the album. Varied, progressive, stylish, dark and heavy when the song requires it, the band led by Alexander Larsson brings out a handful of interesting  and audacious ideas. Climates ethereal that transport you to the cold Scandinavian forests, suddenly explode into heavy but sophisticated instrumentation in Opeth´s style, guttural voice and all (something new within the group: Alex charge of raw voices). That's when you feel that you get away from the forest and start surfing on the frigid waters of a Swedish river. Various rhythms, variety of melodies, pure melancholy, acoustic instrumentation and tasteful, the Swedish band begins the Ep by clarifying that have chosen the path less easy, and that this path will continue. Then comes "The World Has Moved On", a song that sounds like Post Black Metal in the vein of Alcest. While it is an interesting composition, the influence of the band of "Neige" is quite evident here. As said earlier, "Fornlorn Remembrance" refuse to remain wedded to a tag, looking for their own identity. But in this quest are sometimes influences are more noticeable than others. Alcest seems to have stuck strong in the brain  creative of the group, and this song proves it. Similarly, it is a song really well accomplished. Rounding out the EP with "Echoes Of Bygone Era", with a melody and a relaxed air of 70s progressive Rock, highly reminiscent of Pink Floyd. With a slow tempo that helps the rest of the band sailing on calm waters, "Fornlorn Remembrance" explore their more intimate side, that which comes appearing in previous songs sporadically, and here comes up to 100%.
It is not easy to classify them, and I think that is the purpose of the band: you listen to his music without stopping to think of the tags. This means that the experience of heard them  without prejudice or limits imposed by the tags. While they have things Progressives, the fact is that the band is more melodic Progressive (although undeniably progressive facet). Still, it is difficult to define what they do. If so, the purpose is highly commendable. Then we'll see if they give the final leap or not. For now, the essential idea that shapes the group, is very interesting.

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