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Interview with Female Nose Breaker

Clearly this is a blog dedicated mainly to spread what happens in the Extreme Underground. Therefore it is necessary to always be predisposed to to give space to new bands. Female Nose Breaker is a relatively new band (they formed in 2006) and sound really good. So we asked them if they wanted to do an interview, they accepted, and here's this very interesting interview with this Brutal Death Metal band from Switzerland

Puro Ruido: Hi, how are you? Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina
Female Noise Breaker: Hi Puro Ruido. First of all, thank you for the interest! I’m fine. But, as you can imagine, i miss our recently died drumer very much.

PR: Well, let's start with something not nice, but I want to know. Had already talked with Cyril about the possibility of continuing as a band, if he died?
FNB: I talked to him about the question to continue and about how to continue. It was his explicit wish that FNB should go on. And he was happy with the plans I’m doing for the band.

PR: Correct me if I'm wrong, the new drummer is Tobi, from a band called Oral Fistfuck, right? It was an easy decision to call Tobi to play the drums with FNB?
FNB: This is a lucky story. Matze (Mathias Zopfi), besides playing in FNB, and Tobi are the founding members of Oral Fistfuck (OFF). The former vocalist of OFF just left the Band in 2013 in the middle of recording. Matze asked me to try vocals at OFF and after a few jam sessions and concerts i became their definitive vocalist. It fitted perfectly. This was at the time when Cyrill got the message, that doctors can’t help him anymore. I knew that there will be only few months left for him to live. I asked my buddies of Oral Fistfuck to learn all the FNB songs, to give a concert for Cyrill. He should hear the new and the old songs performed live by friends and have a good evening. It worked and was a hell of a party. Tobi, Matze and I live very near, all already know the songs now, Tobi was interested of playing drums for FNB and Cyrill was happy with the idea. We could call it destiny. A better, easier and more comfortable solution we couldn’t have!

PR: To date have only a demo and an EP, both of 2009 There are plans to record soon? A full lenght, a split, another Ep?
FNB: I can’t tell you in which month the realease is, but we signed a contract with Permeated Records years ago to release a full length. This will feature remixed versions of all Demo and Promo Song including 4 new tracks on which session drummer Pascal Ruppen (Amagortis, Tojinbo) did the drums.
Originally we wanted to release long time ago. But the situation of Cyrill was difficult and made a quick release impossible. At this point I want to thank Permeated Records very much, for their support, their patience, that they believe in us and to make this possible!

PR: Tell us how the band started. It was something I had been talking for a while before playing together? What bands influenced you?
FNB: The band started as a teenager project of Cyrill and me. You can read the biography on our FB page. Alltime influenced by the almighty US Disgorge and Gorgasm, we played around with everything we liked. Our idea wasn’t to copy great bands but to have fun. Maybe one can hear a little Liturgy, Guttural Secrete but also unique stuff.

PR: I love the name of the band. It is really provocative and easy to remember. Perhaps that was the reason why chose to put that name to the group?
FNB: Haha. Provocation and “easy to remember” where exactly the main reasons to choose this name. We knew that loads of people will hate it and talk about it. But domestic violence was an important topic to me personally. More about that in question 8

PR: In an interview I read that at the beginning of the history of the band, one of the main goals was to play in the festival Mountains Of Death. Okay, reached your goal. If I remember correctly, that happened in 2009, right? There are another or other festivals in which you would like to play?FNB: To play at Mountains of Death Festival was like a childhood dream. Moscow deathfest was a surprise, we never thought to get there. Since then, FNB tasted blood and is burning to explore the stages of all around the world.

PR: The name of the group is really violent. The music is violent, the cover of Ep is too, not to mention the lyrics. You have had to endure accusations from feminists and moralists by everything that surrounds the group: misogyny, death, violence, etc? I mean, some people take things too seriously, and tend to confuse art with reality
FNB: We can’t start a conversation about art. This would lead to nothing. That there are people that accuse... Hopefully! They do important and serious effort to help people that are in need.
I had a female friend that got beaten by her father. I tried to help her with some friends. Without big success. In this process I noticed, that domestic violence is something nobody talks about, especially the victims don’t. But it’s very important to do so. It encourages victims to take action against their tormentors. It is the first step to exit a spiral of violence. To taboo such a topic is dangerous!
And after releasing some stuff with such a name, at least the topic got discussed again.

PR: What is your opinion about the free downloads? There are many points of view, and the industry obviously precludes people get music for free. But is it not a useful tool for bands like FNB, to become known?
FNB: Primary i think we as whole scene should support ourselves. There are great bands from all around the world. But not all musicians have the ressources to produce. It’s important that they get back the amount of money they invested for a product. The prices are fair in our music-scene! Myself, as a fan of the music, want to support the bands because they give me the sound i like. And all bands did huge effort for all types of releases.
Free download is a good marketing possibility for bands to get popular. But they should be able to decide what they want to offer for free.

PR: Ok, last question. If you had to describe the music of the band in your own words, what would you say?
FNB: Its guttural, brutal, aggressive, furious and varying.

PR: Ok, thank you very much for the interview. Want to add something?
FNB: Thanks for this interview and thanks to the fans, Pascal Ruppen and Permeated Records for the awesome support!

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