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Interview with Putrified

I like Putrified from her firstly time that I listened to his first demo. Because of it, when Pawel (from the Polish label Hellthrasher Productions) asked me if it wanted to interview the man behind Putrified, I agreed immediately. Not every day you have the opportunity to interview a musician which deeply admire. And A. Death is an artist whom I admire, I really admire. In fact, I am a fan of Putrified, and my partner, Laura, is a fan of Infuneral (Black Metal band in which A. Death plays). Need I say that those who do this blog are happy to interview this talented Swedish musician?

Puro Ruido: Hails from Cordoba, Argentina! How are things over there?
A. Death: It has been a hectic period this last few months, but things are finally starting to settle down.
Regarding Putrified, the new MCD "Sacrilegious Purification" has just been released, so things are good.

PR: "Sacrilegious Purification" is an excellent EP. Let me tell you that it is Putrified's album that more I like. That so well the fans have received?
A. Death: It's by far Putrified's best work up to date, at least in my not so humble opinion.
Only a few reviews have been published since the album just got released, but the feedback so far has been very good.
The same can be said from friends and acquaintances who have heard the minialbum before it's official release, pretty much everyone thinks this is Putrified's best work.

PR: I would like to know what is your favorite album of all you recorded, and why?
A. Death: "Sacrilegious Purification" is my favorite. It is the most developed and professional, both in terms of songwriting and production.
Having Oskar and Devo from the well established Endarker Studio (Marduk, Ofermod, Nefandus, Funeral Mist) handle the mix and master of the minialbum did a whole lot for the production.
Today, I look upon our first two records as demos, although released in full-lenght format.
They were the beginning of the band, the child steps so to speak.
"Sacrilegious Purification" marks the beginning of a new era for Putrified. The child has died and the era of man has begun.

PR: A.Death, why you created Putrified. What led you to give life to this one man band? There was a need, motivation, or something in particular behind Putrified?
A. Death: I had gathered alot of material that was in the Death Metal vein through the years.
This meant that it wasn't something for Infuneral, which for those who don't know is a Black Metal band that I'm a part of. When I had enough material I simply had to form Putrified to make these songs come alive, to get this outlet for my creativity. Otherwise I would most likely descend into madness. That I decided to play all the instruments by myself was for convenient reasons. I was tired of playing in a band with other people, the hassle that comes with playing in a somewhat democratic band was not something I was interested in.
Doing everything myself also meant that I could get started right away, which was something that I felt needed to happen. This led to the recording of the two first albums during October - December 2010.
"Spawn Of The Dead" being released in 2011 by Dybbuk Records and later "Neurotic Necrotic" in 2012 through Hellthrasher Productions.

PR: This is the second album that you release through Hellthrasher, right? Before signing with Hellthrasher, had you other offers of other labels? Why did you choose to Pawel's label?
A. Death: Hellthrasher Productions contacted me after the release of "Spawn Of The Dead" in 2011, saying that they wanted to release the next album.
I had been in contact with other labels but I liked Hellthrasher's attitude, they have since then proved that they are a serious upcoming underground label. Out cooperation has worked very well.

PR: For "Neurotic Necrotic" you elaborated a lyric different, more elaborated concept, but without moving away from Putrified's essence. What did inspire you to creating this history so macabre as captivating? If you wish it, tell us a summary of this history, for all those that even have not known this jewel called "Neurotic Necrotic".
A. Death: After I was done with the recording of "Spawn Of The Dead" I also felt that I was done with the whole zombie / gore / porn -theme of that album.
I had also recently stumbled on a whole cancelled demo recording from one of my old bands, with alot of songs that were never completed. I rearranged and rewrote alot of the music and suddenly I had material for a second full lenght, all within a month.
At the time of "Neurotic Necrotic"'s pre-production when I was going through this long forgotten material, I was reading a collection of HP Lovecraft's early short stories (pre Chtulu) during the night time. I felt very inspired by his work and opted for a similar feeling and atmosphere (even though our styles of actual writing is very different).
"Neurotic Necrotic" tells a story of communication with the dead and the madness it brings to its protagonist.

PR: A. Death, which band and records made you say "well, this is what I like, this is what I want to do"? How much influenced the Swedish Death Metal scene in your decision to be a musician, and how much influence the first records of Death, Possessed, Autopsy and all these American bands in your musical formation?
A. Death: If one band is the reason for me picking up the guitar in the first place it is definitely Glenn Danzig-era Misfits. I learned how to play the guitar playing along to their old records.
The bands that have meant the most for Putrified's musical direction are Kreator, Morbid Angel, Dismember and Autopsy. Of course there are many influences besides them, but those four are the most important ones. Chuck Schuldiner's style of vocals on the first Death album has of course been an influence.

PR: Let's change band for an instant. News about this great band called Infuneral?
A. Death: Infuneral has a new split-cd out with the Black/ Death Metal band The Last Knell from Chile this autumn of 2013. 3 songs each of black devotion. Released by Misanthropic Art Productions.
No more plans at the moment.

PR: Today there are a lot of bands that overproduce their records, and, in the end, instead of sounding extreme, sounding too clean, neat, thus losing the essence of what is Extreme Music. What is your opinion about all this mania to digitize everything, tweak the sound of the recordings over and over again?
A. Death: The two first records of Putrified are a counter reaction to just that.
They are intentionally under-produced and were recorded with some simple equipment I had at hand where I lived at the time. The records are very lo-fi and harsh, nothing for the ordinary listener.
In a way I think that the whole "old-school" and "retro" movement that is going on at the moment has the same purpose. Back to the values and ideas of old with a more organic and natural sound.

PR: The first EP of Putrified, Whorehouse Tales, contains 2 covers: 1 of Celtic Frost and other one of The Misfits. Have you in mind record an album of covers some day?
A. Death: There will probably not be a cover album, but I can guarantee that there will be more cover versions on future releases. Perhaps as bonus tracks or B-sides, we will see.

PR: A. Death, I'd like to know what is Death Metal for you. What is your definition of what Death Metal is and should be for you?
A. Death: This is a question I could but would not like to discuss for hours.
My personal view on Death Metal may be very different from yours. Death Metal is also not just one thing, it has many sub genres. And depending on which sub genre you talk about its meaning may change. American Death Metal, Swedish Old-School Death Metal, Death/ Black Metal and so on.
Putrified started out as a mix of the sounds and values of old American and Swedish Death Metal, with classic gore lyrics. Where I now see Putrified more as a Death/ Black Metal band when it comes to ideas, philosophy, themes and sound.
Yet, everything could be summed up as Death Metal.

PR: Well, bro, the last question. What's next in the life of Putrified? Shows, tours, more recordings? Complete the line-up already have accompanied you live?
A. Death: We will continue to rehearse with our live lineup and if it is our destiny we will surely play live in the coming year.
Lineup for those interested:
A.Death - Vox/Guitar
Crypt - Drums
P.Apocalypse - Bass
Grave - Guitar
At the same time work is progressing on our next full-lenght album, that will hopefully be out in 2014. It will be a pice of art including Death, Darkness and Decay.

PR: Ok, that´s all. Of course, thanks for the interview, and especially thanks for the rotten and macabre music you do. Putrified rules! If you want to leave a few words for your fans Latinos, do it freely
A. Death: Thank you very much for your interest in Putrified.
You can support the band directly by getting records and merchandise from:
For the latest news, searh for "Putrified" on facebook or check out the already mentioned Frozen Blood Store.
Necrotic Metal Of Death And Decay!

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