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Interview with TACHELESS

Tacheless is a group that we liked from the beginning. At first listening, the German band led us all the sensations that a good band grinder usually provoke us. And last but not least, are heavily influenced by the Crust, another style we love. That, and the fact that they always were friendly, we decided to ask them if they gave us an interview. Laura Servïan contacted them, they agreed, and then I, Manel, I interviewed Tim, guitarist of this great German band. Then what good old Tim "Schlimm" he replied.

Puro Ruido: Hails! How's it going in there? Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina Tim: Cheers and greetings right back to you! Well, we’re enjoying one of the hottest summer since years, so everybody is fine!

PR: In your Facebook account, reported that, after three years of delay, finally goes on sale tribute to Disrupt, of which you are part, right? Tell us what label release it, how many tracks you recorded for the album, and all what you want to add
T: The Tribute Sampler was released by ‘Power It Up Records’ which is a very well known Label here for releasing lots of Crust, Grind and Death Metal. They already did a Tribute to Nasum and Repulsion! But the Disrupt Tribute was mainly compiled by Dirk from ‘My Cold Embrace’ who did an amazing job! This tribute sampler is an absolute ‘must have’ for every Disrupt fan. We recorded the song ‘Trapped’, which we also play live. It’s a great pleasure for us to be part of the tribute, because DISRUPT is one of our main influences!

PR: Tacheless's last record is of 2010 (The World Keeps Burning). There is new material in way? Have composed and record new songs in this time? Or should we wait until 2030 to hear new songs? T: Haha! I was just making fun when I wrote that we’re going to release the next Album in 2030! It will be 2025 of course! Kidding aside. We’ve been busy with a lot of stuff beside the band in the last years. Since we perceive the band as a hobby, we feel no pressure to release an Album every year. At the moment we focus on writing new stuff and completed about nine new songs till now. I’m pretty sure we’re going to release an Album next year!

PR: How, when and why Tacheless born? How was it that got together to create this band?
T: Everyone of us is making music since the early 90’s and played in lots of bands with different styles since then. I guess it was in 2006 when our drummer Zyn and myself started jamming around. We just went back to our roots, playing old crust and grind riffs as we were bored of the nowadays metal scene. Everything else followed by chance!

PR: One of the things I love about the music of Tacheless, is that the intensity is constant, does not give a fucking break. This was something that was set out to achieve when creating the band? Or was it part of the natural evolution of the group, that is, came as you were writing songs and the band found his identity? T: It feels just natural to us writing songs that way. We don’t have a master plan to write fast and brutal stuff. It just happens! Of course we have an idea of what TACHELESS should sound like, but it does not impose any constraints on us. We’re natural born grinders, so to say, haha!

PR: Like everyone else, you start making music inspired by things you heard and you marked to you. In your case, what were those bands or records that marked your life and motivated you to turning into musician? T: To speak for myself, it was Angus Young and AC/DC who ignited that fire, although it has no impact on the music I play today. Later I found the way to extreme music by bands like Slayer and Metallica, as for many others. But when the first wave of British hard-/crust-/grind-core was published; I’m talking about bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Heresy, Carcass and so on; that was an impact I still feel today.  

PR: How strong do you think is the Underground scene today, now? You think the scene has improved compared to what it was in the late 90s, early 21st century? T: I really think the scene today is bigger than ever before! If it means it’s stronger, I don’t know. In the late 90’s Grindcore was almost dead, although there have always been a few bands who kept the fire! I have observed that the scene literally exploded in the last few years! More and more new bands are springing up like mushrooms, especially in Europe. If this is good or not I will not judge! People are bored from the ‘Higher, further, faster’ mindset of nowadays Metal bands. I really think that more and more people appreciate the down-to-earthness of the grindcore scene! 

PR: A few months ago, you participated in the Grindhoven. Tell us how good was that experience. How many shows have done so far this year? Going to do more shows?
T: This year we have only played a few shows and will only play a few more, because we focus on writing new stuff for the next album. It’s about time!
The Grindhoven was really nice! We’re personally acquainted with the organisers and some of the bands who played there, so it was a very familiar atmosphere although it is a big fest!
It’s always great to play in Holland

PR: You all have regular jobs? If so, how you manage to rehearse and play live often? T: Yes, everyone of us has a regular job now in contrast to the time when we started the band.
We try to rehearse once a week and play shows mainly on weekends, with some exceptions. As I mentioned before, the band is just a hobby but that we take very seriously!

PR: Tim, what method do you use to record? Live, or every member records his part separately? Do you like to work in a particular atmosphere when you are in the recording studio?T: We record each instrument separately but don’t use a click-track! Our drummer and me play live together while the drums are recorded. Later the guitar track is deleted and we re-record the guitars, using the drum tracks as guideline. Recording this way keeps the live-feeling and dynamics! Recording with a click track always sounds mechanic and sterile! That may be good for some kinds of music but wouldn’t work for us! 
It’s very important for us to record in a relaxed atmosphere. You can’t get into the right feeling when you don’t feel comfortable. All we need is beer and cigarettes, and a producer who knows how to record ‘old-fashioned’. 

PR: What is Tacheless for you? What place does this band in your life? T: Music has and always will be a very important part of my life. I can’t imagine to go fishing or writing a book instead of making music! TACHELESS is my counterweight to all the shit I have to deal with in my life. Standing on stage or hanging out at the practise room with the band mates is a relief!

PR: Ok, Tim, I think this is it. Of course, if you want to add something, leave a message to Latino fans, or insult someone, do it! T: Thank you very much for the interview and your interest in TACHELESS. We really appreciate this! A big cheers to all the Latino grinders, stay angry, grind is protest!

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