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Interview with Dirty Dr. Dente from Rompeprop

I will be brief. Today, Pure Noise is decked, as we received on our pages to one of our favorite musicians: Dirty Dr. Dente. Not only that Dr. Dente is the leader of one of our favorite bands: Rompeprop. By this I mean that we will be brief in this introduction, because happiness does not let us think correctly the words we choose to introduce you to the interview. Therefore, and without further adieu: Dirty Dr. Dente, Motherfuckers!

Puro Ruido: Hey, Dente! How are you? Thank you for accepting the interview. It is a pleasure for us to interview you
Dirty Dr. Dente: Howdy brother!! No problem glad i can help out!!

PR: Well, let's start with what you are currently doing as a band. Played in the In Flammen Open Air and Kin Hellfest. What follows from now on?
DDD: We had a small summer stop for 2 months but we have shows coming up in Germany Switserland Holland and we are working hard on a new album! And drink a shitload of beer ofcourse!!

PR: Probably already have been asked thousands of times. But as a fan of Rompeprop need to know if there are new songs on the way. I will not ask anything about the release date of a new album, because two years ago said that the new album would come out next year hahaha
DDD: Not a release date but we did book the studio for the end of November haha so yeah this time it should be real and it should come out next year!! I always say next year we have a new album even if we just came out with one so don’t take it personal haha!!

PR: What happened in Venezuela? Why not played there? Was suspended concert to be given in Colombia too, correct?
DDD: Yeah well the biggest problem was that we didn’t had flight tickets that they where suppose to book, not even the day before we where suppose to play. So we didn’t trust it anymore and told them we didn’t want to do it. We where mailing over and over every day but nothing realy happend so it was over for us. Realy sucks because we realy wanted to go there!! Hope we can do it over one day!

 PR: A earlier this year were playing in Mexico. Have a good time? Had sex with Salma Hayek? Personally met The Gridmaster Luis Miguel?
DDD: We love mexico!! Its such a great country with a amazing metal scene! People over there live for the music! Great beers and food, sunny and its all so relaxed! We did Salma a couple times yes.. nothing special we had better!!

PR: Dente, I read quite inconsistent information regarding Grindhoven. I read that Rompeprop are part of the organization, and have also told me that you have nothing to do with the organization. So for something up for me, better I'm asking you. You are part of the organization of Grindhoven?
DDD: Well its realy easy, we are the organization. We pick the bands and we get help from Doomstar bookings, so we name the bands we like, love and listen to and they help us with booking and organization because its a lot of work. But yeah its oure own fest, we come up with the ideas.  Hope that clears things out.

PR: Menstrual Stomphulk became sold out to only 3 months of its first edition. Expect it to be a success?? You spent the money from the sales of that album buying the rights to "Free Willy 3: The Movie"?
DDD: No cliteater bought those, we didn’t make enough money so we bought 2 bottles of mountain dew and bag of trikkietrakkies of it.

PR: Dente, wrongly, some people think that you've always been Rompeprop singer. But the truth is that for a few years, the singer was Steven Smegma. From what year you are the lead singer of Rompeprop, and who came up to use this great effect for vocals? (I must say that I can not imagine Rompeprop without those brutal voices)
DDD: Steven did it until around 2003 i think. Thats when i picked it up, so hey!! I m doing this for 10 years now!! Im having a beer on that tonight!!! And there where many bands before us that had the pitchshifter effect on the vocals so its not that we came up with it but we just love the sick sounds it makes!! Listing to old Carcass and CBT and Regurgitate is what got us into it!

PR: I always had the feeling that you are open-minded when listening to music that are not typical metalheads living with their heads stuck in the world of Metal. You hear all kinds of music? Got a parallel group where plays music totally different from what you do with Rompeprop?
DDD: Metal is my nr1 musick choice for sure but yeah i listen to a lot of music styles, not playing it yet but i would love to do something next to rompeprop, just don’t have the time for it at the moment, i like to listen to bands like The Doors and the Joy Division and Johnny Cash  but also The Podigy and Die Antwoord i just hate RenB and rap hiphop bullshit, thats not my cup of tea, do like Cypress hill and The Beastie boys though.

PR: It is clear what are group influences. But how was that managed to create a sound and a style so characteristic of you? Man, can be a thousand bands trying to sound like Rompeprop, but none as good as Rompeprop
DDD: Not sure about that i think we where on the right time on the right spot with musick and a show that wasn’t there at the moment, next to that we don’t do anything special. Just drink a lot and have a great time! We always make sure that we have a good time and then the rest just happens.

PR: Unfortunately, I have never been able to assist a concert of Rompeprop. But I have seen many live videos on you tube, and I always take the same feeling: Rompeprop live, is a party. That's the idea that you have about what should be a show of you, a party?
DDD: Yeah like a said above we just wanne have a good time on stage and we realy enjoy playing live, doesn’t matter if its for 10 or 1000 people, we just make sure that we laugh a lot on stage with the 3 of us and thats what people see i think and makes them get in the same vibe, so its always a madness on and before the stage!

PR: Time behind we interview Ivan, guitarist of Cliteater. He was telling us that the Dutch Goregrind/Grindcore scene is in the south of the country, and that the North of Holland there is more Death Metal. It is like that, like Ivan tell us?
DDD: Ivan is a liar!! Haha no Ivan is a good friend of Rompeprop for a long time!! Shared the stage and bar with him many times!! Yeah i think he is right, maybe the bands that aren’t so big outside Holland are spread around the country but the bands that are doing good in Europe are overall grind from the south and death from above!!

PR: Ok, Dente, the last question. What was it that motivated you to create a special group as Rompeprop?
DDD: The love for the almighty Pitchshifter  and the groovy gore rythems!!

PR: Well, bro. Again, thank you very much for the interview. Hopefully someday come to Argentina, so we can see you up and down the stairs clutching your left ball with your right hand! Greetings!
DDD: Thanx for youre support and lets get drunk when we meet!! Cheers and beers friend!!!!

Dirty Dr Dente.

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