domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Doom - 25 Years Of Crust

Year: 2013
Label: Moshpit Tragedy records
Country: UK

15 anthems to commemorate 25 years of Crust. 15 anthems to demonstrate that, as any great band, Doom is still in force. 15 anthems of this that bristle the skin, which they invite to the revolt, and that incite to shout up to staying without voice. 15 songs chosen by the band, to delight us, his fans. 15 songs among which is located Stripped, Whipped & Crucified pt1, track that will be part of their upcoming and highly anticipated full lenght. By the way, Doom's next album already has title, and is Corrupt Fucking System, to which I wait with anxieties. But, and while the new masterpiece of the group is in process, we can take delight with classic as " Sick With Society (originally in the split that the band threw together with Selfish), or the version of the immortal "Exploitation" that they did for the memorable Peel Sessions. And there are gems for years listened to madness, such as "Monarchy Zoo", "Means To An End" or "No Religion" among other beastly discharges from the more anarchic Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk or, as you whatever you call it. In the end, we speak of Doom. and if we speak of Doom, does not take many words to describe what this band is great, or what his music provokes in us, his eternal fans.

To know what these Brits represent, just look at the stage of the Obscene Extreme Mexico invaded by fans, all completely enraged at such visceral demonstration of power, real, sincere. To know what Doom is, and what they provoke in his followers, just check the history of the band, full of difficult times, glorious moments, comings and goings, late recognition and influential recordings. So, they spent it badly, as all the pioneers, as any legend, until the world understood that Doom was, it is and they will continue being too big, too brilliant. And, surely, they have lived, and there continue living glorious, worthy moments of a legendary band. So big they are, that put this one compiled in the web in order that we download it, already for free, already putting a price to our choice, so we can enjoy colossal 15 timeless hymns. Are you going to leave out the possibility of returning to listen those immortal kick in the teeth that they created to honor our loved Crust?

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