sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

Desolator - Unearthly Monument

Year: 2013
Label: Hellthrasher Productions
Country: Sweden

If there is a style that never tired me, this style is the Death Metal. Even in his worst times, when the genre was seen as obsolete and most important bands were in decline or away. not even at that time Death Metal topped liking me. Today, thanks to the resurgence of old and loved Death Metal, my love for this genre is stronger than ever, and my loyalty to it is unconditional, as always. And the Death Metal shows me that love worth it as I love it. It shows me that my loyalty is not in vain. Not only because the big ones of the style continue giving chair, but also because daily there arise new bands that confirm something that already we know: the Death never died, and today it is more alive than never, though it sounds ironically. Desolator is one of the bands of the new generation that they come to leave his fingerprint in the history of the Death Metal. They began to walk this path doing something closer to Doom Death, but soon they decided to worship the Death Metal of Grave, Dismember, the first Death, Autopsy, Asphyx and other eternal glories. Do not know if Desolator have been good doing Doom Death, to saying truth. But I can assure that doing Old School Death Metal  these guys kick ass till you drop. The 4 Swedes have taken advantage of the teachings of their teachers, teachers of all who do Death Metal, and pay exam with a good score.
Even the guitar solos are made for the band sounds like pure and traditional Death Metal. The rhythms, thrilling, more full of classic cuts and rhythmic downs, are pure Death Metal. The voice, guttural, cavernous, bloodroot, refers to Desolator compatriots such as Carnage, Dismember and Grave. The overall sound is explosive, brutal and hotter than hell. Yes, I'm talking about Death Fucking Metal. You may like or not. Maybe you think this band is generic, common or whatever you call them. Honestly, I give a shit what other people think. I love to hear this kind of Death Metal, and Desolator, doing nothing, but nothing new (in fact, this was done a hundred times already), give me that which I love to listen to: old, rotten and butcher Death Fucking Metal. Simple as that.

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