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Interview With Maurizio "Ycio" Orsanigo from Precognitive Holocaust Annotations

If you're a Brutal Death fan, I recommend you listen to a group called Precognitive Holocaust Annotations. It is a kind of Extreme super group former with members of Indecent Excision, Defeated Sanity, and our interviewee today, a ex Vomit The Soul. I mean Maurizio, a drummer and brutal exalted. Well, in addition to these qualities, is a friendly guy and very active. In fact, really busy lives. But there was a time for us and answered questions that Laura Serviän did to the the drummer of one of the promises of Brutal Death 2013 model.

Puro Ruido: Maurizio Hello, how are you? How's it going over there?
Maurizio: Everything is fine  but I'm very busy!!

PR: I was listening to some songs from Annunciation Of Extermination through youtube, and I must say that is a really devastating! Tremendous letter of presentation of Precognitive Holocaust Annotations!
M: Thank you! It was definetely our intent...

PR: "Annunciation of Extermination" is a demo, so I must ask, are planning to record a full length, or, at least, an EP, in the course of 2013?
M: During 2013 we would like to make a 6 songs mini-cd, with the 3 tracks of this promo and other 3 brand new tracks...

PR: Since part of  Precognitive Holocaust Annotations lives in Italy, and the other part lives in Germany, how do you manage to rehearse, compose, etc? I mean, the band sounds powerful, compact and brutal, and that is achieved through hard work. So how to make it sound so good to live in different countries?
M: That's easy. Even if we live in different countries we immediately found a cool feeling, every member of the band put his best into this project. About rehearse we haven't met yet, we are planning a meeting in the near future with Hannes, Simo and me (guitar, bass and drums). About the composition I wrote these songs with Hannes through several e-mails and facebook messages.

PR: Obvious question: how and why you decided to create Precognitive Holocaust Annotations? Of who was the idea to create this band?
M: Since I wasn't  busy with Vomit The Soul anymore, I was looking for a new project in which I could blast again my fucking drums!

PR: The cover of the demo was made by Jon Zig, who, besides singing in Sarcolytic, has done covers for Abdicate, Defeated Sanity, Decaying Purity, Dying Fetus and many more. You planned in advance to give the job to Jon?
M: No, Hannes saw the cover on Zig page and we decided together to buy it! Anyway Jon is a cool artist, I would like to remind that he made the cover of the first album of Vomit The Soul

PR: How did you come to edit the demo through Permeated Records?
M: We sent our raw material to our friend Stefan Meraner (the owner of Permeated Records) just to get some impressions. He did like the tracks so he decided to print our demo.

PR: Change of topic, what happened to Vomit The Soul? Why split the group?
M: We decided together to split the band up because we are four guys with different work commitments and so with different points of view about music in our lives. I think that music is a passion, an hobby.

PR: Maurizio, still playing drums in Inane, right? We'll have news of Inane soon?
M: Actually I left Inane about 3 years ago:) I'm still in touch with the other members (Simo is also the bassplayer of PHA) but I don't know about their projects

PR: Your technique is absolutely dazzling. Spend much time rehearsing with your instrument, per day? How many years have you play the drums? I guess you've spent a lot of time and practice with your instrument does not play as well in the day to the next
M: Unfortunately I haven't much time to spend rehearsing anymore, but I usually play once a week. I started playing the drums when I was 14 (I'm 31 now....)

PR: In Italy there are many extreme bands that dazzle both with his technique as with the brutality that emerges from his music. Examples abound. My question is, the Italian extreme scene is going through its best moment?
M: The best moment was when Vomit The Soul came out with “Apostles Of Inexpression” :). To be honest I really don't know because I've been far from the Italian scene

PR: Well, let's ending. What's next, from now on, in the life of  Precognitive Holocaust Annotations?
M: The promo cd has just came out, there are also t-shirts available, you can buy our merch at the link:Demo
About the future we hope to record a new cd soon and maybe play together one day!

PR: Ok, Maurizio, I think that´s all. Many, but thank you very much for your time. We hope to see you live sometime, and hope to enjoy the full lenght of PHA soon!
M: Thank you for the interview, I hope that the brutal guys like this new band

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