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Interview With Stoma

Last year, these crazy Dutch destroyed everything with their second full length. "The Glorification Of Sexual Depravation" not only confirmed all the good exhibited in his earlier works, but showed a more powerful, compact and fun than ever. In fact, this second full liked it so much, that we contacted members of Stoma requesting an interview. And the interview is this ...

Puro Ruido: Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina! How's it going over there?
Stoma: Hey Manel! Everything is ok overhere!

PR: Let's start with the last album, "The Glorification Of Sexual Depravation" a very good record, in fact, is our favorite work of Stoma. What have been the reactions from both fans and the press? Do you think it's the best Stoma´s album to date?
Stoma: Fans and press seem to like our lates album pretty good. We've had some good reviews and sold a lot of albums here and in brasil. We most certainly like our latest album, it is a more brutal progression towards porn and gore then the previous albums! And we hope to progress some more in the future of course!

PR: Recently played at the Bastards on Beer, where you shared the stage with other bands. How about it go? For anyone who is not informed about the Bastards On Beer, what other bands played and where it was made?
Stoma: Bastards On Beer is a semilocal festival organised by a couple of friends in a nearby city. It is somewhat of a lowbudget squat crusty beer infested festival. Lots of beer ofcourse and lots of bands. Not al grindcore, but some bands where Slimbean, Anti social rejects, Godslave and a couple more. Bands came from all over europe.

PR: Speaking of concerts, in 2006 played in Brazil. What memories are from that tour? You played in other South American countries?
Stoma: We have great memories of 2006, but you may have missed out on this one.... We toured the whole of Brasil again in 2012! All the way from the north to the south for four weeks straight! We did not play any other South American country's yet, but would love to tour Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico etc... We had a awesom time back there, south american people and fans or the best!!! (Ed note: I knew about the tour. However, when asking questions, completely forgot that fact. Can insult me)

PR: It has been 15 years since the birth of Stoma as a band, right? What analysis can do these 15 year career?
Stoma: In 15 years we have played a great number of shows in all different countrys, recorded some nasty shit and realized a stable line up.

PR: What was the premise when creating the band? There was an essential idea that motivated the creation of the band?
Stoma: Stoma was created out of it`s predecessor Brainshit wanting to create more structured grindcore than the grindnoise Brainshit produced.

PR: You have not released many full lenght: only 2. However Stoma is a very active group as a live band. You have done many tours, have played with many bands. We can say that Stoma enjoy more of the stage than the studio?
Stoma: We would have like to put out more full lenghts, but suffered from a couple of line up changes and delay there fore we have only released two full lengths.

PR: Something we love about Stoma is double vocal attack. Now, why you decided to have two singers?
Stoma: We believe that double vocal gives a more deep sense to the whole essence, so that is why. And ofcourse with two vocalists with two different styles it is twice the fun.

PR: Who did the design on the cover of the latest album? Fuck, it is insane and great! Was the idea of the band use that image for the cover of the record?
Stoma: Our drummer did the design for the latest album, what can we say, he is a bit perverted and has a dirty mind? :)

PR: Well, what's next in the life of Stoma? Continue giving concerts featuring the new album? Have composed new songs?
Stoma: Continue to play where ever we can of course! And we already have composed some new tunes, so hopefully it will not be as long as the last time before the next album is completed!

PR: Ok, let's ending. I recently interviewed Cliteater Ivan, and he told us that is totally against the free downloads, and is against the bands that record without using money, they do everything with a PC at home and untalented. What's your opinion about the free downloads and the bands who do everything in their home, without resorting to the recording studio?
Stoma: Well, we are not against that. if you don't have the money to go to a recording studio, but do have the equipment to record some decent tunes and put them out for free, there is no harm, it keeps the underground alive! But putting out untalented crap is a bad thing ofcourse, but then again, even for free people don't want bad untalented crap.....

PR: Well, I think that's all. Of course, many thanks for the interview. If you want to leave a message for your fans Latinos, please do so.
Stoma: Thank you very much for the support and the interview, i hope you are satisfied with our answers. And to al Latino fans, we met you guys already in Brasil. You guys are awesome!! We hope to meet you guys in person in Argentina sometime!!



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