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Interview With Satan's Revenge On Mankind

Satan's Revenge On Mankind. Laura and I, we love this band. Sound cool, powerful, brutal, funny, with a lot of Groove, madness and good ideas. And have that German touch so distinctive in these bands, so unique, that makes his music we like it even more. Like any band that we really like, we like to try to interview them, in short, does not hurt to try. Well, the Great The Almighty Mr. Goreblast, drummer / singer and founder of the crazy German band, accepted the interview and also provided answers absolutely great. Come and read.

PR: Hello, how are you? How is everything in SxRxOxM headquarters?
The Almighty Mr. Goreblast: Howdy! Everything is fine and we're really busy at the moment. It's been almost two months since our old bass player left the band, but we immediately found a new session member. The bloke is known as Genital Lecter and he is the bass player in the German porn grind band Cuntemonium who are affiliated with us and who are on low.b records, the label of SxRxOxM.

PR: The last record of SROM which we had news, is the great split that you released with GUT. There is a new album on the way? Have in mind edit another split with another band?
TAMGB: Indeed, a new splitCD with our mates from Pulmonary Fibrosis (Fr) is on the way. There will be a European version released by low.b records and a Mexican version released by Mierdas Production (Mex). There will be not only two completely different artworks and different bonus tracks by both bands. Our Mexican side will have all the lyrics sung completely in Spanish. Kudos to our Fan Xavi Duro from Cornucopia Zine who translated all the lyrics!
Additionally, we are going to rerelease our first album Goreblast. It will come as a double CD digipack with lots of bonus material, unreleased songs, newly recorded tracks, cover songs and new artwork.
A new album is planned but I am not positive if it will see the mystic rays of dawn before 2014.

PR: For anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to meet you, it would be good to tell us when and why born SROM
TAMGB: In 2004 I decided to take all my riffs that were refused by my old Death Punk band "Fleischwunde" to make a little self-produced Gore Grind album, just for my friends. I asked two good friends to play guitar and bass and we made a two-song EP. It was really much fun for all of us and another mate of mine said "Man! That's awesome stuff! Record that album and send it to the labels, I bet someone will release it!" A little later we learned to know Marco (Rotten Roll Rex) and he was totally positive about the band. He released our debut Goreblast and a little later the SplitCD with Cuntgrinder and Hymen Holocaust.

PR: How does public behave in SROM's concert? Considering that the music you do is very twisted, besides extreme, I have a feeling the audience should go crazy when you're playing
TAMGB: Well, that depends on where we're playing. Usually we play headliner shows or later in the evening, at least. That means that the audience is quite drunk, then, haha. And this kind of music seems to work well with inebriated listeners. When you go to regions where such tunes are normally not on the agenda, you can bet that the crowd is going to go crazy like hell. Here in Germany each and everyone has witnessed each and everything, people are kinda fed up. I think that's why the scene is chilling down a bit, at the moment. I mean, what else can you do on stage? We have had everything: blood and viscera, naked chicks, copulation in the audience... Maybe it's time to get back to listening to cool songs that are performed live. However, if you find your groove and you are able to transfer your vibe to the crowd, you may even break all hell loose in Germany, too.

PR: Some time ago, I had the opportunity to read an interview that someone did to The Almighty Mr. Goreblast. In it, you said you do not care to use terms like "sick" to elaborate a review or give an opinion. That things are divided into good and bad, and on the basis of it the critique is done. Really I like this thought. Definitively, SROM's idea is not shocking, but rather do what you like, the way that you like, regardless of whether the item Porno or Gore are find it attractive or repulsive to others, am i wrong?
TAMGB: Yeah, you're completely right. I hate repeating something that is repeated after me, but I like the thought that Mississippi John Hurt stands between the Misfits and Mixomatosis in my collection. And that's the point in SxRxOxM as well. We do what we want to. Just have a look at our last album. How would you describe it? Goredeathdoomgrindpunkgothicsludge with a pinch of Hardcore? Folks, hear my words. The moment of truth has come and, finally, I tell you: nobody cares about your taste in music. Listen to what you want and, if you're in a band, do what you like. We're all part of the pop culture.

PR: At some point there were rumors about some songs, covers that other bands, you had recorded but that had never released. The rumor also said that there is a bootleg with those songs. Is that true?
TAMGB: Yes, yes, the obscure depths of the internet are a profound mystery to our petty human knowledge. On this point we have to be very accurate: on the rerelease of Goreblast, that is due this year, we will give to you a couple of songs that were very important for us at the time when I wrote the debut. Mainly, these are gore grind songs from bands we still admire. Apart from that, we recorded some "classic" tracks that are commonly played on every party of us and our friends. They were never officially released and were never meant to be. It is unknown to me if somebody got his hands on the material to release it as a bootleg. Anyway, I am pretty sure that we will find it on ebay or anywhere else at some point.

PR: Besides SROM, do the members of the band play in other projects? If I am not wrong, at some time I read that one of you plays in a group of Stoner (King Kronos), and I believe that The Almighty Mr. Goreblast plays in a group of Doom. Is this information correct?
TAMGB: Almost correct. All the three of us used to play in our Stoner Rock band King Kronos. We released our debut "Soundzilla" last year on the German label Elektrohasch that is run by one of bandmembers of Colour Haze (have a listen: ). Tomhet and me are currently rehearsing with new members and we're in the songwriting process right now. It's getting definitely more doomy and heavy. Maybe we will release the follow-up or an EP this year. That said, we have had a side project in the early days of SxRxOxM. It was called SROOOM and we recorded two heavy-as-fuck doom songs with the other two singing. It is currently put on hold since we have so much other things to work on. Tomhet is doing his solo project (which is a terrific doom outfit, too; you can listen to it here:, I am taking the drum seat for Hymen Holocaust when they play live and I, too, keep in mind the idea of a solo project. To say the least, we would really love to release something with SROOOM and we certainly will do. But I am not sure when this will take place as we have enough shit to do for the next two or three years.

PR: You have played on the OEF. What is the atmosphere that exists behind the scenes? Those who have not been able to attend the festival, see the party that breaks over and under the stage, and we feel great to see something so brutal and friendly at the same time. But how is the behind the scenes?
TAMGB: To be true, there's no such thing as a border between the parties in front of and behind the stage. Many bands camp amidst the guys who pay for the show and backstage you can see the who-is-who of brutal music sitting next to blokes from the audience that were caught to have a beer with. It is kinda like Grindstock. One drawback is the vegetarian food, of course. But hey, we ate sausages we brought with us and drank with Waco Jesus, Dead Infection and Brutal Truth. Could anyone ask for more?

PR: We will not ask stupid questions like "what are your favorite horror movies / porn?". In fact, my question is, no wonder you get tired so obvious things, just because your lyrics speak of gore or porn, or whatever?
TAMGB: Indeed, I am tired of answering such questions. And because I don't think that I really get the question, I just want to add that there's good zombie lyrics and bad zombie lyrics. Bad zombie lyrics deal with blood, brains and gore. Good zombie lyrics deal with blood, brains, gore and a deeper sense, a meaning. Of course, I know that it is a strange thought that you should interpret the lyrics when you're on a SxRxOxM show. But, hell, what are booklets made for? It is not all about highly philosophical issues, but there's always an ironic twist or a punchline.

PR: Well, the last question. Have ever choose to live like Rock Stars? Would record a CD with David Lee Roth? Hahaha
TAMGB: Well, either you choose to run after the mainstream and fulfill the taste of the masses. Then you can live like a rock star. And as vomit, pus, blood and sperm are not suitable for the mass (and neither is the musical direction of goredeathdoomgrindpunkgothicsludge), we have chosen to make art. Davey never meant anything to me. My All-Star band would consist of Peter Steele, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and possibly Ronnie van Zant. To get that party started, there is just one tiny piece in puzzle missing. But don't be sad. It will happen sooner or later.

PR: Ok, that´s all. We hope to hear the new SxRxOxMx  album soon. If you want to add anything else, feel free to do so
TAMGB: Thank you very much for your interest in Satan's Revenge On Mankind and all the best for the readers and followers of Puro Ruido. May Satan be your shepherd.

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