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Interview with Clitorape

Laura, my wife, was the one who let me know about the existence of this band. I saw a video on youtube, and immediately we both said: We have to interview these madmen. Leo, vocalist, was the one who answered our questions. So now, and without further words, we present to Clitorape

Puro Ruido: Hello, brutal greetings from Córdoba, Argentina. How is everything over there ?
Leo: Fine thanx for cuntacting us. Greetings from France. We're glad to answer some questions about our brand new goregrind band

PR: Well, a split is coming.  Already have release date? Which band or bands share the Split?
Leo: Actually the split (with RazorRape, Funeral Rape and Rapemachine) is planned for early 2015 (co-released by Splatter Zombie Records, and the lable 666strings)
But a debut CD named "Gynaecological Apolalypse" should be out before the end of the year (on Splatter Zombie Records and Putrid Attitude Records : two very good labels and friends)

PR: You make a cover of Satan's Revenge on Mankind song. Will this cover be a part of the Split ? What label will release this Split ?
Leo: You're right, we're covering this famous SxRxOxMx, cause we think it's one the most catchy song they did !
As I said before, the "Rape-Split" will be printing by the 2 labels SZR & 666
And the tracklist of our full length should be :
1. Bulimic Biastophilic Bitch
2. Smegmageddon
3. Funeral Fistfuck
4. Menstrual Party
5. Dehymenized
6. Vulvattack
7. Ass-Raped At First Date
8. Natural Porn Killer
9. Lowcost Blowjob
10. Your Clit Is Mine
11. Baptized In Cumshots
12. We Come To Rape You (SxRxOxMx Cover)
13. Vaginal Crash-Test (Vaginotopsy Cover)

PR: Well, let's go back in time. Where and when was Clitorape born ? Under what circumstances ?
Leo: So long story short, Ludo and me (Léo) had a goregrind band named Vaginotopsy
We decide to split up in March 2014, and started to look for members to join us and compose different songs.
Some weeks after we met Rémi and Guillermo in Strasbourg and wrote some songs together
We had a good feeling together and decided to continue and name the band Clitorape. So, all is very fresh, but we already have a lot of songs : it was really a fast process. About Vaginotopsy, we started the rehearsals in 2008-2009 and our first CD was out in 2010.

PR: I have had the opportunity to see videos of the band, but none on the stage. Nevertheless, I have the sensation that live Clitorape must be a real party : alcohol, marijuana, tits, noisy music and chaos. But better you tell it to me
Leo: We did our first (and only yet !) show was the 6th September, organized by the Rapemachine guys (of the 666 label we were speaking about earlier). We played with Death and Brutal Death bands (Human Pray and Disembowelled) and even Black Metal and Harcore bands.
Deepthroat from Czech Rep. were supposed to play too, but unfortunately they cancelled...We really have a great party with beers and lot of fun !

PR:What is the reason why they are so obsessed with the clitoris ? Some of you were attacked or abducted by a clitoris ?
Leo: Oooooh : for personal reasons ! I guess we all have a fetish, particularly in the "porngrind industry" haha. As a band composed by french and mexican guys : we are obsessed by both gourmet vaginas and spicy clits! But seriously, we were proud of this band name : not easy to find "original" subjects in the goregrind/porn/slam universe!

PR: Few days ago I saw the video of the track "Funeral Fist Fuck" on youtube, and beyond that I find very funny song, I loved the idea of ​​putting the band logo with a singer clitoris. Whos idea was it ? It's fucking great
Leo: Our friend Vinz (from the bands Mulk (Electrogore), Ass Deep Tongued (Porngrind) and MST (Pornrap)) did think wonderful animation. We were laughed at least 10 minutes nonstop the first time we saw this masterpiece. And it's actually a singing vulva ;)

PR: What bands or things inspire you when composing your songs ?
Leo: Most of the goregrind classics, like Cock And Ball Torture, Last Days Of Humanity, Hymen Holocaust, Rectal Smegma, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale...

PR: I suppose you are fans of porn. So I am compelled to ask the following : the best "actor" and the best porn actress in the entire history of porn are ...
Leo: We all have different tastes : the only common point is that we are all nalgotas fan! But we respect all porn actress. They are women too ! :D

PR: Well, we are finishing. Plans for the future ? Be immediate plans or not
Leo: We would like to do some tour in Europe, maybe South America too with some cool goregrind bands like Gutalax, to be at least half active as they are...And of course play at the Obscene Extreme Fest in Trutnov

PR: Ok, I think this is it. Of course, thank you very much for the interview. Do you want to add anything else ?
Leo: Thanks to you for your nasty questions. I didn't know there were so many perverts in Argentina (that's why we need to visit your country soon). My last word was "CLIT !"

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