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Interview with Alessio (A.K.A Torturer) from Spermbloodshit & Guineapig

Since we we first talked which is awaiting the interview with Alessio. His 2 bands, Spermbloodshit and Gineapig, break my head. But turns out I'm an obsessive guy, and try to find the right time (or the time I think it's the right moment) to do something. This year both bands have released albums really powerful, Alessio is very active, so there was much to talk about. Well, here is the long-delayed interview with Alessio, alias Torturer.

Puro Ruido: Hey, Alessio, how are you, bro? I had a good time thinking about doing this interview with you, but I think we chose the right time to do it.
Alessio: Hello Hans, great to know it. It’s a pleasure to be on Puro Ruido.

PR: I was listening to the split that Spermbloodshit released with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Let me tell you that you were right: SBS play faster and faster! Tell us what label releases the split, and tell us what you want about the Split
A: Well, a split with Pulmonary Fibrosis has been in the works for years and finally we did it. PF are great guys and we’re very happy of the final result. The record has been released by ten labels from different countries all over the world [Wooaaargh (GER), Don Carlos Productions (ITA), Grind Block Records (ITA), Grindhead Records (AUS), AIMA Records (ITA), Splatter Zombie Records (GER), Straineyes Productions (MAL), Crit De Fástic Records (ESP), Anarchotic Records (UK), Eclectic Production (UKR)] and for me it also contains some of the best tracks SBS ever recorded.
Then, you asked what we want about the Split, we just enjoyed sharing our stuff with our French brothers and we’re already having positive feedbacks about this release so we just hope to play with PF very soon to do a drunk release party.

PR: Earlier this year released another split, true? “Spermish Dumplings” (with Smashing Dumplings). What differences are between that material included on "Spermish ..." and the split with PxF?
A: Yes, you’re right. “Spermish Dumplings” was released by Coyote Records in March. The idea came together with Smashing Dumplings during the gigs we shared last year at Coyote Brutal Fest and Bukkake Fest in Russia. I remember that I personally asked it to Dmitry (the label owner) the last night we were drinking vodka and eating Carbonara (we provided to cook the pasta that time) and even if we were all drunk he immediately approved the project. Hahaha!
Our tracks have been recorded during the same session of the split with PF at Alien Recording Studio here in Italy and, even if we composed all the tracks in the same period, both splits contains different shades between them.

PR: Alessio, also you have recorded with your another band: Guineapig. Even I could not listen to the Guineapig’s first full lenght (called “Bacteria”), but I listened “Demo 2013” and I am charmed with it. For everyone that does not know Gineapig, tell us what kind of music you do with this band, with whom you play, in what it differs from SBS, and what label release the album
A: We started Guineapig in May 2013. I have known the guys from Ultimo Mondo Cannibale for many years so as soon as Fra talked to me about this project I joined it instantly.
We play Goregrind in the vein of CBT, the band is composed by me and Fra (guitar and vocals) and Cristiano (drums) from UMC.
This band differs from SBS, we have no screams or fast parts, only groovy slow-motion Goregrind riffs.
After releasing our demo, Rotten Roll Rex signed us for our debut album “Bacteria”. We’re proud of it and I’ve seeing that also people are satisfied about the record. Marco from RRR is doing a great work with us and we already have some European festivals confirmed.

PR: Both SBS and Guineapig are really extreme bands. In both cases, you make brutal, wild and fun music. What did stimulate you to create so beastly, but different from each other?
A: I have played this kind of stuff since 2002, I think it’s just because I love it and I really enjoy to play it. And about the differences between SBS and GP, it’s just because I like both styles of grind and I can divide them.

PR: Let's go a little further back in time. You were a member of Bestial Devastation, right? What do you remember of those years with that band? Why BD was finished?
A: Well, I only have good memories of Bestial Devastation. I founded the band with the other guys when I was 16, we enjoyed doing everything during the six years together: recording tracks, playing shows all over Europe, drinking a lot, having fun. We were a very active band, so when the time available to dedicate to this project started to decrease due to jobs and else we decided to quit instead of slowing down.

PR: With SBS took part in several tribute albums. Tribute to Last Days of Humanity, Cock & Ball Torture, Dead Infection. Undoubtedly you have so much fun playing songs from other bands, as I read it, at the first rehearsal of the band made ​​3 covers. In addition to honoring groups you admire, playing songs from other bands is a good way to attract new fans?
A: When we record cover tracks it’s just because we have fun playing songs from that bands. That’s all!

PR: Speaking of the first rehearsal of SBS, at the first rehearsal composed 6 songs, and the next week recorded your first Demo. So strong were the feelings that took you and Cris after that first rehearsal?
A: I met Cris during a Bestial Devastation show in 2006, if I remember well. He was the drummer of Bloodraised, a grind/crust band, and they played many gigs supporting BD after that show.
We quickly became good friends and during that period we started thinking about creating a side-project. He’s a very talented drummer and a good friend of mine.

PR: Alessio, one of your band is a parallel group? Or both groups (Spermbloodshit and Guineapig) are equally important to you?
A: Mmm… good question. I’m very attached to SBS because it’s a sort of my creature which is growing up year after year also thanks to my band mates Antonello and Matteo.
Anyway, I think I can consider both bands equally important to me now.

PR: What follows from now on in the lives of both bands? Tours? New recordings?
A: We have some gigs planned for SBS and we’re also working hard on our 3rd album, I think it will contain the heaviest songs of our career.
About GP, our first album has just been released so we’re only involved in playing shows for the moment.

PR: Well, Alessio, we reach the end. But first I want to ask you a question: what the fuck happens in Italy with Extreme Music bands? You are really mad bro lol
A: Hehehe! Yes, there are very good extreme bands at the moment in Italy. Hope it will continue to be like that!

PR: Ok, thanks for the interview, bro! If you want to add something, say something in particular, do it freely
A: First of all, as usual, thanks for the interview Hans. I really enjoyed answering to your good questions, you touched different topics of my past and present bands.
Hope to play in Argentina one day, I really would like to tour South America in the future.
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