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Interview With Dave Ingram (Down Among The Dead Men. Ex Benediction, ex Bolt Thrower)

If we speak of the great voices in the history of Death Metal, Dave Ingram can't be left out of the list. Currently allied with the tireless Rogga Johansson in a band called Down Among The Dead Men (highly recommended, if even you have not listen it), Ingram was the Voice of Benediction during the best years of the band, and was the singer of one of my favorite bands: Bolt Thrower. But it turns Ingram is more, much more than one of the best singers in the history of my beloved Death Metal. If you want to know more about this kind and intelligent man, come and read this excellent interview with The Great Dave Ingram.

Puro Ruido: Hi Dave, how are you? Before I begin, I want to thank you for accepting the interview
Dave Ingram: My thanks to you!

PR: Tell us, you are in Denmark now? A few days ago I read about you, and I found out that your middle name is Bjerregaard, which leads me to my next question: you have Scandinavian roots?
DI: No I just took my wife’s name on when I moved to Denmark and got married. Though there are many people in England that have a connection to Scandinavian ancestry due to all the Viking raids.

PR: Let's talk about Down Among The Dead Men, the band in which you are with Rogga & Dennis from Paganizer. How came the possibility of doing something together? The album was created and recorded still together? I'm asking because you live in Denmark and the other 2 members in Sweden
DI: Rogga contacted me to ask if I was interested in performing on one track of his MEGASCAVENGER project - which I did and it’s out now - and I began thinking about making a full album with him. I suggested it, he agreed and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN was spawned. 9 months later the debut album was released.

PR: The album is really good: brutal, dark and wild. Have you received good reviews from the press and fans? Or would you rather stay out of other people's opinions and just focus on what you do?
DI: It’s had some great reviews all round so far. In fact I don’t think I’ve read any bad ones. In this day and age, that is quite an achievement…the internet and the easy use of modern technology gives a lot more opportunities to more people, so it’s way harder for bands to make an impact with their music.

PR: The concept behind the album seems very interesting because is connected with archeology. I know you worked in that field in the late 80s, so I'd like you to tell me if there is a connection between what you did working as assistant archaeologist, and the record you have done with Down Among The Dead Men
DI: There is a link, yes. I am a big fan of the TV series Doctor Who - I have been all my life - and one of the characters in some of the books and audio plays is a Professor of Archaeology called Bernice Summerfield. Her character wrote a book on archaeology called “Down Among The Dead Men” and I took the name from there. All but one of the song titles are names of stories her character has appeared in (with a slim link to the stories too.) I have written to the actress who plays the character and sent a copy of the album.

PR: Dave, you were the lead singer of a great band as a Benediction, and recorded essentials albums in the history of Death Metal. But what I want to know is this: does it feel to have been part of the death metal scene when it was so Young, when everything was to be created? I guess it must have been very exciting to have been part of something so big!
DI: It most certainly was, I ca tell you. I’ve watched the scene change over time, and watched it grow. Sometimes I wonder if it has over-extended it’s reach, but then something new comes along and changes that view. I do think that it’s gotten WAY more commercial, and fans really ought to keep an eye on that in case it gets out of hand at some point in the near future.

PR: Then you went singer of one of my favorite bands of all my life: Bolt Thrower. What are your memories of your years with Bolt Thrower?
DI: I have only good, wonderful memories of my time in Bolt Thrower. There was never any negative, and we are all still good friends - though I truly wish I could get to see them a lot more, and I try to meet up whenever I am visiting the UK. Bolt Thrower are one of the hardest working bands, especially FOR their fans. They keep gig prices down and also their merchandise. Not many bands do that.

PR: Dave, looking for information about you, I found news that left me speechless. You were Eyegouger bassist, the band from Illinois! Did you record something with them?
DI: I recorded a demo with them, which I think is available on YouTube. YES! Here it is:  That’s me singing on the first song, too.

PR: I see you've played with almost all the members of one of the best Danish bands of all times: Iniquity. Whether with Downlord or Strangler, bands have always liked, indeed. What can you tell us about your experiences in these bands?
DI: Downlord was a fun time. I’d been going through a mental breakdown before that band so it was a good way to help me get well again (the breakdown was the reason I left Bolt Thrower) The thing with Strangler didn’t happen - it ended even before it began. I don’t know why. I’m still good friends with Mads Haarløv though. I’ve known him from even before I moved to Denmark.

PR: Change the subject. I know you work for the Danish Cancer Research foundation. What is your job there, and how you get involved with this foundation? 
DI: I’m a lab tech there. I go in early to prepare the labs for the day - there’s some cleaning involved and polishing of test tubes - It’s a good job in a very nice environment. It was also hard hitting when my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymph cancer last year. We have been through over 6 months of Hell, but now she has just been given the all clear by the doctors, so everything is fine now.

PR: Speaking of health issues and care, I read an interview in which you advise not smoking. That's one reason why your voice still sounds so powerful?
DI: The benefits of not smoking have been phenomenal. I would suggest that anyone who does smoke find the best way to quit as quickly as possible. I just stopped, and got the addiction out of my body with no remedies, pills, patches…best to detox the nicotine out. I’ll never smoke again.

PR: Tell us something about your radio show METAL BREAKFAST RADIO?
DI: My closest friend Donovan and I decided to do an internet radio show once we had finished our band Downlord. Metal Breakfast Radio began, and we make a commentary over the music and critique it in real time. We are both heavily experienced in this genre, as people will know, so we are more than qualified to give our opinions. Sometimes we are very harsh…mostly we are drunk. It’s a lot of fun and we enjoy it immensely. In fact, we are recording a new show tonight, along with our NEW third host on the show, Bob Thunder. Listen in and welcome him! I’ll put some links for people at the end of the interview.

PR: Well, we are ending. I see that the Ingram’s seed will keep germinating in the world of Death Metal. If I am correctly informed, your son Oliver sings in the album from DATDM, is this correct?
DI: Yes, that is very true. My son Oliver is singing on the title track with me. We had a fun afternoon at the studio together, he loved the experience. He was 10 when we did it, so there was no beer…only chocolate milk (which is good for a death metal growl) He’s taken a copy of the album to his school and has it on his phone too. I think he’s proud of his crazy old Dad.

PR: Well, Dave, that's all. Thank you for your time. If you want to add something, do it freely
DI: Thank you for this interview, it is very much appreciated. Here's my current top 5 albums and as promised, a few links of possible interest:
Fever Ray - Fever Ray
Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
Paganizer - On A Gurney To Hell
Bonesaw - The Illicit Revue
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

Links of interest:
DOWNLORD back-catalogue, free download:
Twitter: @MetalBreakfast

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