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Interview with ShitFuckingShit

Can anyone tell me what the hell happens in Italy with Extreme Music bands? Seriously, these guys are crazy, and the band we interviewed today ShitFuckingShit, not only are no exception to the rule, but their music is the most insane I heard lately

Puro Ruido: Hello, how are you? It is a pleasure talking with you, bro
Sandro: Hi man, everything's ok here. The pleasure it's mine!

PR: Correct me if I'm wrong: have already released 3 albums so far this year? The split with Kadaverficker, another split with Weapon Creak and a Promo 2014. Am I wrong?
S: Yeah, we have just released one 7” split with german Kadaverficker, a limited edition tape split with Weapon Creak – this one took long time to be released due to some problems we had inside the band plus some changes in line up – and the infamous Promo 2014, which are just few tracks we decided to put out in advance for the upcoming album called “Life Of Excess”. We are still looking for some labels to co-release it.

PR: Ok, let's go to the beginning of the story. Why, how and when ShitFuckingShit born? There was a particular reason for creating this band?
S: ShitFuckingShit was born in 2006 as a noisecore one man band, that was me doing some noise with drum machine and terrible guitars. After several years of splits with different bands from all over the world like Diarrethic Masticator, Utero Vaginal Peste, HAS, Bestial Vomit, etc in 2010 i found Alessio Tanga on guitar. We recorded “Eat My Shit And Die” and the EP “Fat Ugly Bastards”, then we found a bass player and recorded the tracks for the “Aids Infected Shit”. After different shows all around, including Blastonbury 2012 in Leeds and one gig in Budapest at Destruction Of Eardrums, we started recording late 2013 the album “Life Of Excess”. Then we changed completely line up.

PR: Sandro, I know that the stable members are your and Tanga. But also I know that in 2013 it become to be a band of 4 members. That is something fixed, or just to play live?
S: Unfortunately, after the recordings of the upcoming album, Tanga left the band due to some personal problems. Now the studio/live line up is: Peter as vocals and guitar, Claudio on bass and me on drums. At one point we were a 4 piece band during some lives but it was just an enforce to the sound of vocals, nothing more.

PR: You are a very extreme band. Not only in the musical thing, but also in the lyric ones. It does that people feel offended by all that: violent music, lyrics so or more violent even. You there does not cause grace that there are people who takes too seriously what you say in the lyrics, or that feel offended by the violence that parts with the music?
S: Lyrics for us are important just in case the music fits very well to them. In our songs we talk about society, we use black humour but we face the reality. Just an example: the song “Geisterfahrer” refers to a certain suicide practice which consists in driving on the highway against the flow, the rule to kill yourself taking others with you. Other songs are completely fucked up because they are pure vomiting without any sense but with real inner hate. In most cases people won't get offended, they realize what a SFS concert means and they party with us.

PR: How is a SxFxS show? I do not know why, but I imagine it must be real chaos, a big madness hahaha
S: Yeah, totally. It's mosh, head-banging, cheering all the time. They usually finish with tons of people on the stage haha

PR: When I hear music you do, I think in tags like "Grindcore" and "Noise" fit like a glove. But at the same time I think "fuck, what these guys make is beyond the tags. They do what they want to do”. But you explain me better: give importance to the tags? Or give a shit about all this gender and divisions?
S: Personally i don't give a fuck about tags people tend to give to music. That's why it's very difficoult for a person to listen to us, they don't know what to expect. I think that we are just a sort of mix of hardcore, grindcore, gore, sometimes black metal, etc. We really don't care, we write songs as they come to our minds.

PR: Boys, to seeing if I am wrong: did you play in Brazil? Of being like that, how did it you be there?
S: We never played in Brasil but we REALLY like to do it, we have never been in south-america. We have been offered once, two years ago, to take part at the “Mexican Gore grind mafia tour” but unfortunately we didn't have the money to face the big trip. It's always a problem of money up here in Italy!

PR: As we talk about shows, tours and that are currently on tour?
S: Well, right now we have in program two tours, one in UK in October and the other in Belgium/Netherlands/Germany in February. In September we have a gig with Archagathus from Canada and another one late november, both in Slovenia.

PR: I must admit that the remix album (called R3MIX3s) seems absolutely brilliant. Doing it was something had in mind long before it? Or simply emerged without much thought? Who participate in these remixes?
S: ahahaha thanks a lot. That album is just simply brilliant, i admit too. That was a simple recollection of the best remixes they did to us during the years. Inside of it there is pure geniality in destroying and recreate our tunes and that's what we like most. We never thought that music should have limits. Projects like &035 or Escara, who we know personally, are very clever and underrated.

PR: Ok, last question. What's next, from now on, in the life of the band?
S: We have tons of upcoming releases and splits: split 7”/10” with chinese freaks Cave Have Rod, split tape with our friends from Malaysia Psycothic Sufferance, split 7” with Extreme Smoke 57 and 7” split coloured with Dysmorfic. All these projects are very powerful and will take a lot to release everything but we keep on working on them. Right now the split with Kadaverficker is going to be sold out in a while and we are really proud of it.

PR: Ok, guys, thank you very much for your time! Hope to hear news about you soon, as you kick ass. Want to add something?
S: Thanks to you man and to your zine. Keep on going, never back down. Let all stupidity die with stupid people.

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