domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Blood Mortized - The Demon, The Angel, The Disease

Year: 2013
Label: Chaos Records
Country: Sweden

There are bands that inspire confidence. Not because they are conservative and do the same thing, giving the listener bourgeois security that comes from knowing that nothing will change. I mean groups that inspire confidence because they always sound good, because never recorded and released an album that is poor (much less are able to record a bad album), because they maintain a certain level of quality and never drop below that level, and that its integrity remains unchanged. Blood Mortized is a band in which one trusts. Every disc that Anders and his companions throw gives me certain guarantees, assures me that what I am going to listen in every new recording is good Death Metal. And he assures me that the identity of the group is going to remain unremovable, strong as a rock, but that not because of it they are going to limit to repeating itself again and again, becoming a crude copy of themselves. The new of Blood Mortized sounds like Blood Mortized. But if we compare it with his first work, then we notice that there were changes, which there are different ways of reaching the same goal, which always there appear new / old elements put in different places, secondhand tools of a different way, but with an aim that is not altered: play Death Metal of the good one.
" The Demon, The Angel, The Disease " it begins as a bump in the jaw. "Bastards", the track that opens the album, is pure and infernal Swedish Death Metal, rapidly, cavernous, violently and darkly. The kind of song to that the fans of the style we love to listen from the times of Nihilist, and that even today continue provoking that our heads shake up to falling and to break against the floor. But Anders Biazzi (guitar), Mattias Parkkila (vocals) and his henchmen are not wedded to that formula, they know that variety is what gives dynamic music. So it is normal along this new work, find epic melodies, the kind that goose bumps, of which conjure up images of battles as bloody as legendary, slow rhythms (almost doom metal at times), overwhelming half tempos on which the musicians draw horrifying scenes. And no shortage of classic Swedish Death Metal riffs, guttural voice, the guitar sound Made in Sweden, thrilling rhythms and atmospheres between dark and war. So, Blood Mortized continues sounding like Blood Mortized, but not copy themselves, as I said earlier. In his earlier work was already seen that need to evolve. In this new album was confirmed. Yes, keep the quality and energy intact. The essence remains the same. But now there is more melody, more excitement besides to the fury. In short, it pays to trust these guys.

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