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Kirkkopalovaroitus - Pure Unholy Free Existence

Year: 2009
Label: Ziekte Records
Country: Finland

Gossips say, were not always bad, but it got that way by trying unsuccessfully to pronounce and repeat the name of this band, and that definitively it had not gone back on having been possessed by the furious Black Metal that the Finns practise in question. That said, some serious talking, there is not much information out there about this duo integrated by Dr Shitz and Mork, which actually does not matter at the time to listen and enjoy their debut before us, so we better get into their music. Black Metal from the old school, but parked on the current 90s thereof; blasphemous, dark, extreme, epic moments, executed with speed tremolos that the style demands, building memorable riffs, melodies laden dire and blast beat not loosened bestial second (something digitally retouched?).
Record begins with an intro that takes us back to the material published by Varg Vikernes during his stay behind bars, but do not be fooled, it is just how to welcome us and catch us unprepared for an eye blink spit all his unchristian fury and spend over. I find it absolutely necessary to emphasize the importance Kirkkopalovaroitus gives the strings in these times of synthesizers and other devices, the creative engine par excellence, as Satan commands, and they like good disciples of the evil stick to its mandate. A lot of Euronymous and Ihsahn on those riffs, lots of melody sulfiding sprouting from the chaos in which the voices of both members and alternates are assigned prominence with a "record" quite similar and difficult to tell apart, but as deep, fetid sewer of hell. Keyboards participation is sporadic but accurate, staining dark and disturbing passages burst causing the violence they are suffering introduce more vehemently. In short, nothing new under the darkness, the boys meet at exactly the basic requirements that make a good album style and how well you do bands how are you keep alive the legacy with the rawness of his compositions and macabre in their atmospheres. That's "Pure Unholy Free Existence", an album that unfolds from beginning to end as a blasphemous sacrilege carnival running from church burnings to human sacrifices, violent and mystical at the same time, bad blood, infecting the listener a constant feeling that the forces of evil will drag you at any time. Among the most important themes we mention "Uskonto Kuolee" and closing the album "Annihilation Of The Human Debris", where the guitar work is monumental, especially in the second (pay attention to THAT riff, just great). Very advisable the work of these bastard children of the purest Black Metal. A band easily to digest for the lover of the gold times of Black Metal, even more so if we have a strong brew by hand. Hails and long life to Black Metal.

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