martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Serpent Omega - Idem

Year: 2013
Label: Mordgrimm
Country: Sweden

Bad music for bad people. Music dense, dark, rough and dangerous. That's Serpent Omega, that's how they sound, that's what I felt. A music of beats that crawl but crushing at once. Music of heavy and loud guitars. Music where the bass sounds really heavy, as it should sound the bass in a band of Sludge / Doom. Music in which Pia Högberg's voice emerges from the underworld with overwhelming force. Moments where accelerate and break necks. Moments where the drums take on a leading role, and the music becomes a magical ritual. Music made by 4 people that sound like 8. Serpent Omega makes powerful & hot music. By the way, the Swedes released their first full album by the British label Mordgrimm, the same that release bands like Anaal Nathrakh, Arkhon Infaustus, Osculum Infame and Goetia, among many others. 4 people together to create 7 Songs tormenting and evil, that make you feel that spanking is stamped against your skin, leaving the flesh exposed. 7 Songs that make you feel like you're walking in chains and carrying a giant heavy stone. Serpent Omega transiting the path of that which has no place in space or time, and that makes you feel uneasy because the darkness is imminent and seductive at the same time. Tomas "Brief" Westberg on bass, Sakke Sexton on drums, Andreas "Jonsson" Westholm on guitar, and already named Pia on vocals, move like a snake dragging on a sinuous evil and sensual way. And they know how to get their songs a destructive constrictor force in the bones of the listener. The same force that can be found in bands like Electric Wizard, High On Fire or Hooded Menace, without being so a copy of these bands. Is, and to be closing, Serpent Omega are a group that should be taken seriously, and not lose them tread.

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