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Interview With Torsofuck

Extreme. Brutal. Perverse. Funny. Pornographic. Eschatological. Torsofuck, my friends, Torsofuck. Band brutal than most, the Finns are one of those bands that every fan of Music Extreme known. Who do the blog, we love music Torsofuck. So I asked if we could do an interview, and Torsofuck response was YES. And the interview is here.

Puro Ruido: Hello! Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina. How's it going out there?
Torsofuck: Hello, greetings, well this all thank you very much.

PR: What is the current lineup of the band? One can say that the constant lineup changes are already part of the past?
T: The current formation of the band is:
Mikko Friberg - vocalist
Tuomas Karppinen - Guitar
Antti Oinonen - low
Tuomo Latvala - drums

PR: I must ask you yes or yes for the new album, for several reasons. On one hand, I once read an interview given to another blog, which said that in 2008 they would record their second full length. But, on the other hand, I have seen a download link that supposedly contains the new album Torsofuck, something I find strange, because you have not released any announcement about editing a record in 2013, or am I wrong?
T: Well. with respect to this question I must say that I have no exact information because as you say, they thought they had an album in 2008 but it was not known the reasons why, with regard to what the 2013 is not yet known nothing.

PR: Except Mikko, all play in other bands (Demigod, Archgoat, Torture Killer, Cadaveric Incubator, and so on). How you manage to rehearse and perform with Torsofuck? All members live in the same city?
T: The bands mentioned, I think that the two of them no longer a member and it is facilitated by the simple fact that the bands are Finnish and Torsofuck all members living in the same city, but as we know them are veterans of these bands.

PR: It is known that Torsofuck is not an very active band, which, in my opinion, has contributed to Torsofuck become a cult band. How do you feel with that status?
T: As we know Mikko has other bands, so it is not very active Torsofuck.

PR: I've had the opportunity to see live video on youtube, of course, and I must say, on stage, Torsofuck is one of the most insane bands I have ever seen. It seems that the idea is to make each concert Torsofuck unforgettable and brutal. Is that the idea?
T: Well, as we know, the bands that are in this genre try to be the most sick and brutal and as Torsofuck about doing what you can.

PR: I once read in an interview that one of the great inspirations of Torsofuck, are the legendary Infernal Torment, this bestial but forgotten Danish band. With so many reunions here and there, you would like Infernal Torment returns at least for a tour with Torsofuck?
T: Yea not have any information about this question since the band is working and concentrates on his own.

PR: Which bands and records motivate you to make music? There was a turning point in your life when you said "well, this is what I want to do"?
T: Focus on several bands within this genre.

PR: I must tell you that Torsofuck lyrics are more blasphemous and offensive than that write many bands of Black Metal or satanic Death Metal, and without the need to make satanic propaganda or anything like that; Torsofuck fucks moralists using other arms. I guess you must not be a very religious guy hahaha
T: The thing is to make grotesque characters according to gender in this case porngrind (with respect to religion, tienes razón xDD (NdR: in spanish)

PR: Inevitable question: where did the idea to name the band Torsofuck?
T: Failure to be the official website, I have no idea xD Friend

PR: I'd like to get your opinion about the following:
a-Horror Movies
c-GG Allin
T: Horror movies: a great genre and movies but I do more ineresantes the "gore"
Porn: from is cultivated and there are a variety of songs and inspire you to think totally disgusting band names lol 
GG Allin: was an icon in the Punk but never had contact with him, a person totally sick and disgusting.

PR: Ok, I believe that´s all. If you want to send a message or greetings to the Latin fans of Torsofuck, do it freely. And, please, record the second full lenght. I am sure that it will be a fucking classic one
T: Bueno amigo espero te sirva la informacion, y pues saludos a todos los Fans de esta banda de mierda en especial hasta Argentina. (NdR:yes, in spanish)

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lucas oliveira dijo...

Pure fucking sickness!!!This interview is a dream for me , with live in brazil!!!

lucas oliveira dijo...

Pure fucking sickness!!!This interview is a dream for me , with live in brazil!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Pure fucking sickness!!!This interview is a dream for me , with live in brazil!!!