domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Cliteater - Cliteaten Back To Life

Year: 2013
Label: War Anthem Records
Country: Netherlands

I really hoped the release of this album. Cliteater is a group that I like since I heard "Clit 'Em All" (her first album) for the first time. From then on I followed the steps album after album, and, on that basis, I can say that never disappoint. So had generated expectations about this new work of the Dutch, because he knew that, true to form, Cliteater not going to disappoint. And they did not disappoint, even, even outdid themselves without moving an inch of what Cliteater proposal. Just did what they like, improving as a musicians (something that has been happening constantly since 2002), but using these developments to keep intact the best of the group, its essence perverse and funny. "Cliteaten Back To Life" (title that pays homage to the first album by Cannibal Corpse) is this: perversion, humor, gore, brutality and groove in industrial quantities. And, to top it off, it is an album very rocker, as which " Cliteaten Back To Life " has songs so sticky, easy to remember, but without stopping being beastly because of it. Clear example of what I say is my favorite song, Seth Putnam Paid Our Cab Fare, intimate song already from the title itself, but that, besides the title, is a Rock and Roll grinder of the best, to the best style Blood Duster/Mucupurulent, but with Cliteater's stamp. Other out-standing songs are " Or She's Eleven " (a very involved cadence dominates the whole song), " Web (e) xecutions " and his Groove's waste, the sweeping beginning with " The Rim King ", or the energy of " The Fermi Paradox " (a real incitement to the ultra-violent mosh). But the rest of the songs do not remain behind, contributing each one the exact dose. They even get into the world of the chaotic Noise in "Positive Aspects of Collective Chaos", a ¿Song? something that would have been proud to the great Seth Putnam. In other words, "Cliteaten Back To Life" is all we can and we want to find in a Cliteater record, and everything is done as we wish his followers, with the dementia so characteristic of them, that dementia natural at all feigned, and that makes something cool Cliteater music while crushing.
Ivan (guitar and backing vocals), Joost (voice), Vedran (bass), Robbie (guitar) and Clemens (drums) have given us a worthy work of a group so cool as them. They delight us with 18 songs that soak semen, blood, all kinds of internal liquids. 18 tracks entertained up to saying coarse sewing, supporting this sonorous so royal, so own violence of them. It is all the same to me if it is the Cliteater's best record or not; they did what they wanted to do, that is exactly to what I want to listen whenever Cliteater release an album. Few bands never defraud the fan. Cliteater is one of these bands in which one can trust.

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