viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Just Before Dawn - Precis Innan Gryningen

Year: 2013
Label: ¿?
Country: Sweden/Germany/México

This is what I am called a super group indeed. Why? Well, I summarize the history, and you answer it with. Anders Biazzi (of Blood Mortized, Ex-Amon Amarth) founded this band in the summer of 2012 (boreal summer). The band was going to consist, at first, of 2 members: Anders, and the gentleman Rogga Johansson (of Paganizer, The Grotesquery, Megascavenger and an endless number of bands). Anders would take charge composing the music and Rogga screaming and composing the lyric ones.
But it turns out that the band grew, in all the aspects. Of being a project of 2 members, it happened to be a group in which they ended up by taking part Jonas Lindblood (Puteraeon's voice and guitar), Mr. Hitchcock (vocalist of Zombiefication), Gustav Myrin (guitar in Blood Mortized), Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh, guitar-bass and voice in the above mentioned band), Tony Freed (singer in Godhate) and Dennis Johansson (Plästerd/Headstoned). I said to them that it is a question of a super-group certain? Already with these names, I do not need to explain any more anything in the matter. What yes is necessary to say, is that the band makes Death Metal. But not Swedish Death Metal, it can suppose since one in advance, on having seen the names of the implied ones in the matter. Just Before Dawn is epic, courageous, dark Death Metal and even dramatic, I dare to say. This load has of emotinal charge that groups like Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Fleshcrawl and, more here in the time, Hail Of Bullets has could stamp him on his music. And do not abuse of Blast Beats, but prefer slow and heavy sound, as if it were a troop advancing steadily and decided. The songs hit where it hurts, but they never do using excessive brutality or speed monotone. Like the bands that influenced them, Just Before Dawn is a killing machine that makes crushing you, like any killing machine. But they do believe that the best way is to do it without haste, emphasizing a sound heavy, really heavy, and taking time to bombard the senses of the listener. In addition, in the middle of the battle, we find unforgettable melodies, as which they give us in songs as the track that gives name to the disc (that is not another thing that the name of the group, but in Swedish), "Ten Megaton Warmachine" and "Slagfält efter slagfält", songs that sound like explosions amid a fierce frontal attack to a city that soon became ruins. In short, Just Before Dawn lives up to expectations. Is that with such musicians putting their talents to this project, one can not expect something bad. In my mind, Just Before Dawn promised to be a really good band, even before they have heard. Today, after having listened to the recording several times, I can say this: Just Before Dawn sound too good.

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