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Iubaris - Magnum Coeptum Satanicum

Year: 2012
Label: Black Death Production
Country: Poland

A few months ago, we wrote the review of "Ars Sathanae", the first EP of this peculiar Polish band. Today we bring you the review of the compilation that the group headed by the talented Antares (guitar and vocals) released very recently. This is a compilation that contains the two EPs released by the group, "Ars Sathanae pt1" and "Ars Sathanae pt 2" + two tracks absolutely brilliant: "The Journey" and "rebirth" in separate acoustic versions, both belonging to " Ars Sathanae pt2 ". For those who already know this group up, take this compilation is an excellent opportunity to have both eps on one disc, with the addition of the two aforementioned fabulous acoustic versions. And if you do not know yet, because what better opportunity than this to enter the world of a group that gets it. A group that provides melody, strength, passion, intelligence, good taste and ferocity, in addition to taking risks absolutely necessary for the atmosphere that permeates each of the songs composed by the band, is attractive and credible. Point to note: Iubaris sound authentic and credible at all times. While striving to excel pretentious as possible, Iubaris excel because they do what they like, and do so with an undeniable quality, very wisely when choosing what to play, how to play, and where each part should go. In addition, a number of elements, and put in place fair time, allow another vision of the band's music. Whether the Bauhaus acoustic arrangements, or other use of chorus and guitar effects, plus the succession of chords that go from pure black to dark things closest to, or Alice In Chains, dark but elegant harmonies and combinations rhythmic variety, Iubaris like and generates expectations.
You know, Iubaris not a group. They may like it or not, but you can not say they are a copy of this or that group, or linear sounding vulgar. On the contrary, sound Iubaris varied and sophisticated dark at all times. Every day I like this band more and more.

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